Apna - Recruitment/Jobs Platform, India

Apna - Recruitment/Jobs Platform, India

Apna - Recruitment/Jobs Platform, India

Apna is an online recruiting platform that connects companies with lakhs of blue-collar employees. It has over 16 million users and performs an average of 18 million job interviews monthly! (Huge)

Apna - Recruitment/Jobs Platform, India

Apna - Recruitment/Jobs Platform, India

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The Company in 3 lines

  1. The Apna app does not allow ads. Its founder thinks that there is no turning back once one enters the ad sector. He intends to keep things simple for both recruiters and job seekers.
  2. The company earns money by charging recruiters and offering classes. It also provides free classes and has assisted in onboarding more than 10 million members.
  3. Apna users have access to local and national job opportunities. They can network with their peers, practice interviews, and highlight their accomplishments.

Quick Information

Website: Click here

Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Business Model: B2C, C2C

Founding Year: 2019

Number of Employees: 251-500

Core Team Members: Nirmit Parikh (Founder)

Revenue Streams: Job Listings, Employment

Target Market: Job Seekers, Job Recruiters

Basic Information

The pandemic increased digital recruitment. It also increased E-commerce and online jobs. This resulted in multiple illness waves in the industry. Parish then pretended as a floor manager and met his ex-employees.

He went through an effort to grasp the problems they were facing.

Furthermore, after hearing about his friends and their difficulties recruiting employees, he decided to develop Apna. Its mission is to provide the best recruitment service in India and to connect companies with top talent.

It presently has 60+ communities of skilled professionals such as marketing, content writers, sales agents, etc. It also intends to expand its edtech platform to increase the skill development service for its users.

It intends to accomplish so by investing in excellent talent and developing world-class technical and product skills for its users.

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