Kodo - Cards & Payments Platform, India

Kodo - Cards & Payments Platform, India

Kodo- Cards & Payments Platform, India

Kodo is your company's wallet! It allows you to spend more wisely and automate your routine spending so you can focus on what matters! That's a huge comfort because we frequently forget to pay bills and then realize it and be like (!).

Kodo - Cards & Payments Platform, India

Kodo- Cards & Payments Platform, India

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The Company in 3 lines

  1. Kodo offers a solution for matters surrounding credit and payments. Its objective is to help businesses to reach new heights by utilizing its services.
  2. Kodo enables you to monitor the health of your business.
  3. It also provides real-time notifications for every company's spending. It allows you to manage and analyze spending across categories and the power to ban and unblock subscriptions.

Quick Information

Website: Click here

Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Business Model: B2B

Founding Year: 2019

Number of Employees: 11-50

Core Team Members: Deepti Sanghi, Gaurav Thapa (founders)

Revenue Streams: Commission, Transaction

Target Market: Companies, Startups, Freelancers

Basic Information

Kodo was launched in Mumbai in 2019. Its goal is to relieve founders of the stress of handling company bills while maximizing cash flows. It also gives your staff more creative freedom and financial stability.

You can receive a Kodo card for each team member, set the credit limit increase/decrease, lock/unlock cards, and make one payment at the end of the month for all cards. Kodo can be used for any business purpose. You can assign members to manage equipment needs while allowing a set amount.

You can also pay suppliers with your Kodo credit line or linked bank account. To NetBank directly from the Kodo Dashboard, link your ICICI current bank account.

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