TradeX - Event Trading Platform, India

TradeX - Event Trading Platform, India

TradeX - Event Trading Platform, India

TradeX eliminates the need for confusing stock trading tools by providing direct access to real-time events that affect asset pricing. How? Opinion! Share your opinions and grow your stock portfolio. Yes, either double down or hedge your positions! Let’s find out how.

TradeX - Event Trading Platform, India

TradeX - Event Trading Platform, India

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The Company in 3 lines

  1. TradeX is a platform for market predictions. It functions as a new-generation stock dedicated to betting on daily events. It is a platform for common citizens and those with strong opinions.
  2. Investors are buying the contracts based on whether they believe the event will occur or not. This enables them to capitalize on their thoughts while making money through investments.
  3. TradeX is addressing multiple issues by creating an event-based predictions market. It has provided investors with direct exposure to the events, allowing them to double down on their investments or hedge positions.

Quick Information

Website: Click here

Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

Headquarters: Gurugram, India

Business Model: B2C

Founding Year: 2021

Number of Employees: 21-40

Core Team Members: Divij Goyal, Ankit Shrivastava (Founders)

Revenue Streams: Transaction Fee on Trading, Referrals

Target Market: Stock Enthusiasts, Investors, Traders

Basic Information

Divij Goyal and Ankit Shrivastava launched TradeX in 2021. It is headquartered in Gurugram. Simply put, it is a place where you can trade directly on global events such as the inflation rate, movies, collections, or live events.

Trade as in opinions that will assist in making a decision and money! All you have to do is express your opinion, click Yes or No, and wait for the event to happen. It has access to various areas such as money, economy, weather, movies, sports, etc.

Its app has received over 5,000 downloads in the App Store. Furthermore, it has 500,000 downloads on other platforms. Although it is not available on Google Play, Android users can still download the APK and install the program.

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