WhiteHat Junior - EdTech Company, India

WhiteHat Junior - EdTech Company, India

WhiteHat Junior - EdTech Company, India

WhiteHat Jr is a popular computer programming teaching platform for kids. It connects children with top coding tutors to learn everything from basics to advanced subjects. It boasts a diverse and world-class faculty comprised of the top 1% of selected professors.

WhiteHat Junior - EdTech Company, India

WhiteHat Junior - EdTech Company, India

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The Company in 3 lines

  1. WhiteHat Jr is an online coding program for children aged 6 to 18+.
  2. The company provides free app design courses to its students. All the children have to do is sit at home and watch demo lessons.
  3. It has expanded its student grades and takes students from 1st to 12th. It has come a long way since Byjus obtained it for $300 million in 2020.

Quick Information

Website: Click here

Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Business Model: D2C

Founding Year: 2018

Number of Employees: 101-250

Core Team Members: Karan Bajaj

Revenue Streams: Student Enrollment

Target Market: Coding Students

Basic Information

WhiteHat Jr is headquartered in Mumbai and is India's largest Live 1:1 coding and math platform. Children can learn logic, structure, sequence, and algorithmic reasoning for creating outcomes such as animations and applications.

All sessions are taught in real-time, one-on-one, by qualified teachers. WhiteHat Jr has a solution for everyone, whether you are a serious coding or math student or captivated by the advancement of technology.

They have also created guidelines to answer some parents' most frequently asked questions. It includes everything their child will learn by enrolling in the program. They have created programming classes for kids, teens, and adults of all ages to learn coding in a friendly setting.

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