Ex-Apple Staff Likely to Join Google, Amazon or Meta

Ex-Apple Staff Likely to Join Google, Amazon or Meta

Decoding the complex mechanics of talent acquisition at tech giants; Image Source: (0)

According to a study analysing the LinkedIn profile of several employees, ex-Apple staff's favoured destination is Google, Amazon, Meta and other tech behemoths like IBM, Tesla, Nvidia, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce, Intel and Uber.

Ex-Apple Staff Likely to Join Google, Amazon or Meta

Decoding the complex mechanics of talent acquisition at tech giants; Image Source: (0)

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It sure is one’s dream job to work at any of these tech giants such as Alphabet, Amazon, Meta and Apple, the Big Four in the tech sector. However, some do get the opportunity to work but an intriguing question here is what is the next step after getting expertise at one of these tech behemoths? Move to another? 

Let’s Decode!

A recent study by Switch on Business, presents a detailed examination of talent movement within the tech sector, revealing a unique insight into the preferences and tendencies of big businesses such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Meta.

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Surprisingly, Google appears as the most sought-after destination for former Apple employees, resulting in a reciprocal trend with Google personnel regularly transferring to Apple. Notably, Apple’s talent pool frequently comes from prior experience at Intel, Microsoft or Amazon. 

The study reveals fascinating facts about talent migration in the tech sector. Meta has the biggest amount of employees (26.5%) with prior experience at another digital behemoth, demonstrating its interconnected talent pool. 

While not the highest percentage, Google draws the most tech talent overall, with 24.15% of its employees previously working at another large tech company. IBM has the lowest percentage of employees (2.28%) of employees previously working for other computer behemoths, indicating a more independent talent pool.

Apple’s hiring trends show a clear preference for people from a small set of tech technology companies: Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, Tesla, Nvidia, Adobe and Meta. 

Apple’s preferences for Intel workers are related to the company’s planned acquisition of Intel’s smartphone modem division in 2019, which aligns with Apple’s goal of designing its own radio chips. Google and Amazon are top choices for Apple employees looking for new jobs. 

Some other common destinations for departing ex-Apple employees are Meta, Microsoft, Tesla, Nvidia, Salesforce, Intel, Adobe and Oracle. Switch on Business conducted this analysis with the help of LinkedIn employee profiles, assessing the current staff count for various tech giants and identifying workers with their prior experience at other tech giants. 

Google’s recruitment approach stands out by targeting former Apple employees, underscoring the tech giants' ongoing talent battle. With over two million job applications received each year, Google has successfully employed over 12,000 people with prior Microsoft expertise. 

Surprisingly, Meta has the biggest percentage of employees (26.51%) with prior experience at another major behemoth. Google’s 24.15% stake demonstrates the company’s appeal to tech talent from a variety of backgrounds. 

The study shed insight into the complicated interplay of the Big Four IT corporations, personnel acquisition tactics and preferences, we have given the link above to help you access the detailed information. 

Understanding these patterns as the IT sector grows would provide you with valuable insights into the mechanics of talent movement, assisting both professionals and corporations in managing the competitive landscape.

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