Meet the 20 Indian startups selected by "Google for Startups Accelerator-India"

Meet the 20 Indian startups selected by "Google for Startups Accelerator-India"

From over 400 applicants, Google selected 20 women-founded or co-founded firms for the inaugural class of the "Google for Startups Accelerator-India."

From over 400 applicants, Google selected 20 women-founded or co-founded firms for the inaugural class of the "Google for Startups Accelerator-India."

Meet the 20 Indian startups selected by "Google for Startups Accelerator-India"

From over 400 applicants, Google selected 20 women-founded or co-founded firms for the inaugural class of the "Google for Startups Accelerator-India."

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For various social reasons, including low representation, which proves difficult for women in business, the program is specifically created for startups that focus on women. It specializes in access to networks, access to capital, mentorship, hiring challenges, and many others.

Additionally, the project offers training and help in AI/ML, cloud, UX, Android, web, product strategy, growth, and access to a global network of female founders. This program is a component of a larger Google initiative to improve the participation of women in various fields among India's workforce that has received digital training.

According to the organization, the ultimate goal is to make technology universally relevant and useful, whether through entrepreneurship, professional upskilling, or fresh graduates looking for a head start in their careers. Because this program aims to address issues faced by female entrepreneurs, every firm chosen by Google was either established by a woman or had at least one female founder.

The list of 20 Indian firms chosen by Google for growth and funding is as follows:

  • Fitbots
  • PickMyWork
  • OPOD Audio
  • Rang De
  • FreeStand
  • Commudle
  • MeMeraki
  • Elda Health
  • Dubverse
  • Jumping Minds
  • Mishry
  • CoLLearn Education
  • Sprint Studio
  • TrackNow
  • Aspire for Her
  • Savage
  • Brown Living
  • The Bridge
  • LXME
  • Tradyl


With its headquarters in Bengaluru and Vidya Santhanam as its founder, Fitbots assists CEOs in having their teams work toward key objectives and results, or OKRs, while also providing instruction and certification to teams who sign up for its programs.

Visit the website here (1).


With its headquarters in Gurugram and Vidyarthi Baddireddy as co-founder and CEO, this startup, PichMyWork, aids several businesses in retaining their consumers by using a pay-per-acquisition model and providing services like user activation, merchant acquisition, etc.

Visit the website here (2).

OPOD Audio

With its headquarters in Mumbai and Aakanksha Varude as co-founder, OPOD Audio is a startup that offers an application that delivers news on popular themes in more than nine different languages.

Visit the website here (3).

Rang De

The peer-to-peer lending platform Rang de, which has its headquarters in Bengaluru and was co-founded by Smita Ramakrishna, provides financial assistance to poor individuals throughout India, including small business owners, farmers, students, and others.

Visit the website here (4).


FreeStand, a startup headquartered in Delhi-NCR, was founded by Sneh Soni. It serves as a marketplace for FMCG product sampling and helps businesses develop, oversee, and carry out sampling initiatives.

Visit the website here (5).


Arpan Garp founded the Delhi-NCR-based startup Commudle, which aids businesses in forming cutting-edge software development teams. Additionally, it asserts that it has collaborated with several businesses whose community engagement has increased by 100 times.

Visit the website here (6).


Yosha Gupta founded MeMeraki in 2017, a startup that supports rural craftsmen in becoming content creators and generating income. MeMeraki also hosts masterclasses and seminars with a focus on the arts.

Visit the website here (7).

Elda Health

Elda Health, a women-focused healthcare firm co-founded by Sinduri Ananth and Swathi Kulkarni, provides research-based solutions for consumers seeking relief from menopause and menstruation.

Visit the website here (8).


Anuja Dhawan co-founded Dubverse, a firm that offers artificial intelligence-enabled video dubbing platforms and services in over 30 languages, with its headquarters in Delhi-NCR.

Visit the website here (9).

Jumping Minds

Ariba Khan founded the firm Jumping Minds, which has its headquarters in Delhi-NCR. It is a community-based wellness and health smartphone application that enables users to request assistance anonymously before meeting a therapist.

Visit the website here (10).


The Gurugram-based firm Mishry was founded by Tanu Ganguly, a former editor and creative director at NDTV Food. It serves as a platform for people to read honest reviews of restaurants and kitchens.

Visit the website here (11).

CoLLearn Education

Srishty Jain founded CoLLearn Education startup, focusing on mentorship and celebrity-led programs in finance and sports. Among its courses are ones on cricket umpiring, multimedia sports writing, Python in finance, and football analytics.

Visit the website here (12).

Sprint Studio

Shaveta Bhardwaj founded Sprint Studio, an AI-enabled platform that assists brands in conducting research and studies through online surveys, community conferences, and video dialogues. Sprint Studio has its headquarters in Mumbai.

Visit the website here (13).


Pooja Khemka, a CA, founded TrackNow in 2015. This startup provides a real-time web platform for managing a company's employees and vehicle fleet.

Visit the website here (14).

Aspire for Her

Aspire for Her, a startup with its headquarters in Mumbai and Madhura Dasgupta Sinha as its founder, focuses on helping women find jobs while also offering mentorship, career tools, and employment chances to females seeking to pursue careers in any field.

Visit the website here (15).


The Bengaluru-based startup Savage, founded by Ekta Tibrewal, provides comprehensive treatment for women seeking solutions to questions about menopause, PCOS, thyroid, gut health, weight, and hormonal imbalance.

Visit the website here (16).

Brown Living

With its headquarters in Mumbai and Chaitsi Ahuja as its founder, Brown Living is a startup that provides solutions for a sustainable lifestyle and food brand, as well as clothes, home decor, and baked products. It may be considered a one-stop shop for any favored item or convenience.

Visit the website here (17).

The Bridge

Arshi Yasin founded The Bridge, a startup with its headquarters in Bengaluru, a sports-focused news website that covers a wide range of competitions, including Olympic sports, wrestling, kabaddi, badminton, etc.

Visit the website here (18).


LXME, which has its headquarters in Mumbai and was founded by Priti Rathi Gupta, is a startup that strives to empower women by assisting them to be financially independent. From savings to investments, this platform answers all of the questions women may have.

Visit the website here (19).


Shweta Agrawal founded the startup known as Tradyl, which is an online marketplace that provides services for business-to-business B2B trading for wholesalers and also enables businesses with international operations to purchase goods from India.

Visit the website here (20).

Understanding GPay business pages for Homepreneurs

The introduction of Business Pages by Google Pay was launched to empower home-based business owners, the vast majority of whom are women, and give them the ability to easily categorize their goods and services while directing customers to them via a custom URL.

The Google Pay chat-based interface allows potential customers to talk with the home office about their orders and payment.

According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google,

"We have the potential to construct a future that is more fair and inclusive, and we must seize it. We are dedicated to continuing our journey on this course."
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