Google to Delete Inactive Accounts from December 2: Google Inactive Account Policy

Google to Delete Inactive Accounts from December 2: Google Inactive Account Policy

Here’s how to save your inactive Google account from getting deleted; Image Source: (0)

Google announced that inactive Google accounts that have been idle for at least two years will be deleted starting December 2. This move is intended to improve the security and protect the user data by deleting accounts that have not been accessed since December 1, 2021.

Google to Delete Inactive Accounts from December 2: Google Inactive Account Policy

Here’s how to save your inactive Google account from getting deleted; Image Source: (0)

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Google is all set to clean up inactive accounts, it shall soon begin the deletion process for inactive Google accounts for at least two years from December 2. This action is motivated by a desire to improve security protocols and protect user data. 

If your Google account is inactive, meaning it has not been accessed in more than two years, it shall be deleted in this action. The cleanup process is planned to start this Friday, and users are encouraged to check in and engage in account activity by December 1, 2023, to avoid any data loss.

Google has put in place procedures to alert users when their accounts are about to be deleted. Notifications will be sent to the email address associated with the inactive account and the recovery address if one has been established. 

Users who learn about this policy now, on the other can take proactive steps to safeguard the safety of their data on Google Drive, Docs, Gmail and other services. Here are three tips for keeping your Gmail account active and avoiding deletion: 

  1. Sign In: Firstly, to keep your account safe, sign in at least once every two years. 
  2. Engage in Activities: Sending or browsing via emails, using Google search and watching YouTube videos, all contribute to meeting the account active criteria. 
  3. Existing subscriptions linked to the Google account, including accounts from third-party apps and publications all help to maintain the required level of activity, games being a prime example.

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Understanding Google Account Inactive Policy

According to Google Account Policy, an inactive account is one that has been inactive for two years. Google reserves the right to delete such an account along with the activity and data associated with it. This policy only applies to personal Google accounts, not those created for work, school or other organisations. 

Google’s inactive account change, announced in May is motivated by security concerns. Accounts that have been idle for an extended length of time are more vulnerable to compromise, with frequently expired passwords, a lack of two-factor authentication and fewer security checks. 

Accounts that have been forgotten or left unattended may become targets for harmful actions such as spam, identity theft and other security issues. Notably, the inactive account update only affects personal Google accounts that have been inactive for two years or more. 

Organisational accounts, active minor accounts, those with a gift card balance and accounts involved in ongoing transactions are unaffected. Google Takeout, one part of its data management and backup capabilities, allows users to download and export account data outside of the platform. 

The Inactive Account Manager enables users to decide what steps to take in the event of account inactivity, such as forwarding selected files to trusted contacts or terminating the account. 

Google confirms its commitment to work with immediate family members in the event of a deceased account holder, distributing account content on a case-by-case basis without disclosing login credentials. 

Users are urged to provide and update a recovery email for this account, which will facilitate contact with inactive account notices and other essential information. 

Google’s move to delete inactive accounts stresses the need for consistent account activity for security and data protection. Users are recommended to take precautionary actions to protect their Google accounts and associated data.

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