iPhone 15 specs & features leaked, a possible delay in shipments

iPhone 15 specs & features leaked, a possible delay in shipments

Unboxing Apple iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Ultra Leaked Specs, features, and price

The launch of Apple iPhone 15 variants is the most hyped-about event in the tech world. Here’s a rundown of everything there is to come out of the box from the leaked specifications and details of the new USB-C-equipped iPhones.

iPhone 15 specs & features leaked, a possible delay in shipments

Unboxing Apple iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Ultra Leaked Specs, features, and price

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Apple iPhone 15 launch is the main event of 2023 and its much-anticipated iPhone 15 is on the way. Fans are riding horses in enthusiasm over its leaked prices and specifications revealing all the new-to-come features of the devices. 

The most hyped-about thing has been its price which is anticipated to be higher than its predecessors. Don’t overhype yourself as the price hike may surprise your pockets a little, since this year's iPhone includes several modifications and new features. 

But the features sure are enticing and worth spending an extra penny. The major Apple event is about to happen in a few days, on 12 September, and according to sources, four different versions are set to be released along with two new smartwatches.

Generational Tradition

Every year Apple launches a new generation of its iPhone series which without any need to market, attracts attention and interest like a magnet, not limited to boundaries. But this year, Apple confirms massive changes in the generational upgrade of 2023, the iPhone 15. 

Leaks of the week have hinted that Apple iPhone 15 Pro versions will be tagged with a $100-200 price hike and Pro versions will have new enhancements that are worth the check. Tom’s Guide released its predictions indicating a 12% to 20% price increase (1).

The guide projects the iPhone 15 price to maintain at $799, and the iPhone 15 Plus price to maintain at $899 but the costs of higher variants are to sustain. The iPhone 15 Pro price is anticipated to be increased by $100, a rough final pricing of $1,099.

Meanwhile, the price of the iPhone Pro Max is $1,199, a $200 hike. The hike in higher variant models is due to the periscope camera. However, note that the prices we have hinted at are speculative and an official announcement is to happen on September 12.

Check: https://www.instagram.com/p/CuRyOYjr3zj/?hl=en

Possible Delay in Announcement

According to Tom’s Guide (2), the iPhone 15 launch could also get delayed due to supply concerns. Apple’s supplier Sony experienced “insufficient production capacity” due to the rise in demand for 48mp cameras which are anticipated to be equipped in iPhone 15 variants. 

Apple is likely to ship 225 million units of iPhones in 2023 and also plans to ship 250 million iPhones in 2024 (3). Apple will also be launching the Apple Watch Series 9, Apple Watch Ultra, and AirPods Pro with a USB Type-C connector. 

iPhone 15/Plus Camera Specs & Features

Apple is about to launch the base models of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus with a 48MP main camera with f/1.6 and ultrawide 12MP with f/2.4 which is developed with a Sony sensor and its stacked design that easily detects low light and enhances the quality of the picture. 

iPhone 15 Pro Camera Specs & Features

Apple is all set to launch the iPhone 15 Pro with 48MP, f/1.8, Sony IMX803 1/1.3 main camera just like iPhone 14 but this time it will come with a new and better ultrawide camera with 12.7MP, f/2.2 with enhancements in telephoto camera quality with 12.7MP, f/2.8 and same hardware underneath.

iPhone 15 Pro Ultra Camera Specs & Features

Apple is about to launch the iPhone 15 Pro Max or Ultra with a main camera of 48MP, f/1.8, Sony IMX803 1/1.3, and ultrawide camera of 13.4MP, f/2.2 along with a telephoto camera quality of 12.7MP, f/2.8, but now with an 85mm periscope lens, 1/1.9, expect zoom to go 5-10x.

Apple will be making the periscope enhancement exclusive to Pro Max or Pro Ultra due to space constraints. The camera module of the 15 Pro Ultra is anticipated to be larger than the iPhone 15 Pro variant and also the other previous generations.

A new Bionic Chip is on the way

Many might argue, the A16 Bionic chip is the fastest existing. But it is anticipated that the A17 Bionic chip is on the way to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max which shall overtake the title of the fastest existing chip using a 3-nanometer process. 

This simply indicates that more transistors mean more power and more and better battery life. So, this shall settle the debate of why the price hike with the iPhone 15. The specs are simply getting better and better, and these are simply the starters. 

Apple iPhone 15/Plus vs Apple iPhone 15 Pro/Ultra

Apple iPhone 15 upgrades are all worth the price hike, and the USB-C is an add-on to its connectivity and interoperability. But there are rumors that Apple fast charging may be exclusive to iPhone 15 Pro/Ultra and not for the base variants. 

Apple iPhone 15 variants are anticipated to obtain a 48MP camera just like the iPhone 14 Pro series which is the highest jump the company has taken for its base variants. However, regular variants will not be getting a telephoto lens while higher variants obtain up to 6x zoom.

Meanwhile, there are also leaked rumors that iPhone 15 base variants will have a 90Hz display. All eyes in the mega event of 12 September are kept on the iPhone 15 Pro and its iPhone 15 Pro Ultra/Max which is expected to receive an action button replacing the mute switch. 

The new button will allow access to shortcuts. Apple will also be launching new variants in titanium design and the higher variants with the A17 Bionic Chip with a more powerful zoom. Apple iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Ultra leaked features are all worth the hike.

However, the deal with iPhone 15/Plus the base variants is yet confusing and unsure. We cannot anticipate much difference, but if there is any then we shall discover the mega event. Until then let’s hope the base variants finally get a good upgrade, too.

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