Meta "finally" integrates Keyword Search in Threads

Meta "finally" integrates Keyword Search in Threads

Threads by Meta introduces Keyword Search, Mega-SEO enhancements incoming; Image Source: (0)

Meta's rival to X, "Threads" is finally expanding itself from simply being a text-based platform of entertainment to now being a key tool in the social media market as it integrates "Keyword Search."

Meta "finally" integrates Keyword Search in Threads

Threads by Meta introduces Keyword Search, Mega-SEO enhancements incoming; Image Source: (0)

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The Meta-owned rival to X, the Threads app is expanding its ability of search engine by integrating keyword search in countries including Argentina, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries with domain English and Spanish (1).

The new feature debuted a week after it started experimenting in Australia and New Zealand. Before, the search engine primarily was used for checking up on other user accounts and did not support hashtag-based search, or keyword phrase search for a topic. 

According to a post shared by Mark Zuckerberg (2) on Threads he hinted “more to come soon.” This suggests that Threads keyword searches shall be rolling out in other countries soon.

However, with the recent ruling related to user data privacy over online services, Meta is walking slowly and safely in the EU and shall be introduced in other countries apart EU soon enough as we get along with the hint.

Since its initial release Threads has become the most popular social media application for its several new and interesting Twitter-like features and enhancements which were never experimented with by Meta, and created a direct market rivalry.

However, indicating the new experiment to expand its services to additional languages and areas in the near future, it is also actively seeking user feedback for continual improvements. 

The addition of keyword search shall potentially advance the user base and adoption of Threads by double as the feature shall likely become popular with powerful content creators, companies, corporations, advertisers, and journalists, that’s the power of “keyword.”

“Threads, a Twitter Replica.”

Threads made a grand entry in the social media sector when it was first released but as a text-based alternative or a rival to X, formerly Twitter. It quickly gained popularity and garnered 100 million sign-ups within the first month of release. 

However, the hype did not last for long as users started to fade away from the application which dropped down to 10 million from the 49 million users it boasted during the official launch of the one-night-star application (3). 

One major hurdle Threads has to go through is to prove itself a unique identity and not be perceived as either a Twitter replacement or an extension of Instagram. Social media critics flocked to the platform first for being an integration like an extension and then a Twitter replica.

Threads is now trying harder to carve itself a unique identity in the competitive social media sector as it continues to expand its capabilities and since we are in the first stage, it is worth checking what happens next but before that let’s understand the new feature again.

What is Keyword Search in Threads?

Threads introduced a new feature that enables users to search for keyword phrases in its search engine by just tapping the search button and inputting any keyword. The results of texts and posts matching the keyword phrase are then displayed.

The feature is now limited to a few regions, but Meta has promised that it will be available to everyone in the coming days. Overall, Meta is working hard to keep Threads from being labeled as a Twitter replica and an extension of Instagram.

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