Musk Tweets About Twitter's Latest Update: Emoji Reactions in DMs

Musk Tweets About Twitter's Latest Update: Emoji Reactions in DMs

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Twitter's recently introduced emoji reactions for direct messages got a surprising response from tech billionaire Elon Musk. The update, aimed at enhancing communication within private chats, sets the stage for a possible encrypted messaging feature.

Musk Tweets About Twitter's Latest Update: Emoji Reactions in DMs

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Twitter, the popular social media platform, has added another feature to make conversations in Direct Messages (DMs) more engaging and expressive. Users can now react with emojis in their private messages, creating a more interactive and nuanced communication experience. The update has drawn attention from various quarters, including a response from SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

According to the announcement made by Twitter Support, users can add an emoji reaction to any Direct Message by clicking on the heart button next to the message. Like Facebook's reaction emojis in Messenger, this feature aims to provide users with an additional layer of expressiveness during conversations.

Interestingly, the update received a prompt response from Elon Musk, who is known for his active presence on Twitter. Musk, in his tweet, questioned, "Encrypted DMs when?" hinting at the potential necessity of having secure and private messaging on the platform.

The billionaire's tweet immediately garnered attention, sparking conversations about Twitter's stance on user privacy and encrypted messaging. The platform has yet to respond to Musk's query, leaving users and industry watchers speculating about the possible future introduction of such a feature.

Twitter's move to add emoji reactions to DMs represents its continuous efforts to enhance user engagement and make the platform more interactive. However, Musk's response hints at the broader issues surrounding digital communication platforms, including the security and privacy of messages.

While users wait to see if Musk's suggestion will lead to the implementation of encrypted DMs, they can enjoy a more expressive and engaging way to communicate in private chats with the new emoji reaction feature.

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