My time at Author Siddhesh Surve

My time at Author Siddhesh Surve

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Starting part-time to evolving full-time with a long-prone learning experience in writing of diverse styles for several platforms and websites, my time at have certainly been a Mario, unlocking new adventures and levels.

My time at Author Siddhesh Surve

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My time at

Working at is challenging yet delightful, like a game where you explore several levels of writing, from writing articles to blogs to newsletters to press releases, etc. As you unlock levels, you gain experience and a level-up in your career.

I have worked for IndiaTech since the birth of this portal. My journey started with writing several articles in the beginning on tech in India, startup news, AI/ML updates, how to make money in India, etc.; it was a thriller as being new to this sector.

I worked directly under Heena Vinayak, and working with her was a thrilling experience. To be honest, she's "Good as Hell - Lizzo." She is an amazing writer with an entrepreneurial mind, an exemplary listener, and a great mentor who has helped me progress from a newcomer to the profession to an experienced author.

I was new to content writing and had minimal experience, but her guidance led me to write over 100+ articles, blogs, press releases, policies, newsletters, landing pages, etc. She corrected me when I made mistakes and commended me for my hard work (good money, haha).

Today, I am a confident writer with professional and reputable experience working for IndiaTech, parent firm TimesNext Media Group, and other subsidiaries with a strong online and offline presence, significantly enhancing my portfolio.

Since education in India is a burden-like sport with multiple research papers, periodic reminders, and exam postponement, my departure from this team has been both painful and delightful as I am moving forward with a wealth of expertise and a professional portfolio.

If you're reading this and are thinking about joining or getting ready to join our team, here are three pointers:

  1. Develop a friendly-professional approach to your head
  2. If you are experiencing a creative block, consult Heena
  3. Keep agility and competitive nature

Work Culture at IndiaTech

At, the work culture is swift, up-to-date, relevant, developing, and powerful all at the same time. If you work for IndiaTech, you will become accustomed to all these qualities.

I was new here too, but Heena's assistance helped me get used to everything, and it's not as challenging as it sounds once you get used to it.

  • Deadlines are strict
  • Flexible work culture
  • Ultimate mentorship
  • Writing haven

You will not only write plain articles; if you work with Heena, she will guide you through many writing styles. Follow the editorial policy, as Heena, and I worked extensively on that piece.

If I had to summarise the work culture at IndiaTech in a single quote, it would be:

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader

~ John Quincy Adams

Thank You!

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Siddhesh Surve

An Enthusiastic Learner! With his roots in Navi Mumbai and a Journalism Background, he aims to connect with readers and share facts about his hobby, "tech in India," and its advancing inventions.