NFT domain names and the art world: how digital art is changing the game

NFT domain names and the art world: how digital art is changing the game

Name a place where NFT domains cannot be connected. None. NFT domains are everywhere, and as they are in digital art, assisting artists and content creators in changing the way we approach art with a scope of digital ownership and autonomous monetization.

NFT domain names and the art world: how digital art is changing the game

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What is digital art?

Digital art can be a photograph, film, or painting created with Adobe and other technologies, as well as animations, drawings, illustrations, and stamps. You can make and publish anything with specific file support as digital art.

How NFTs have changed our perception of digital art

Today's digital art has completely altered our perception of it. From making art on a physical canvas with paint and colors to making digital art on a system-based digital canvas with various tools, is it art?

Yes. It is an art since designing involves energy, creativity, productivity, work, and the technique to upload and publish that consumes the brain's creative side as it does with traditional art. Digital art has been around for a decade, but it was never deemed art until the emergence of NFTs.

Geometrical shapes uploaded on web2 utilizing digital tools were previously just content published as advertising tools, etc., but were never recognized as digital art even though they were digital art. Because the work was not monetized, people simply published it for free to gain followers and viewers.

The fine art industry has always underappreciated digital art, but NFTs have changed that. Before the advent of blockchain technology and the ability to explicitly authenticate and establish ownership, digital art was easily replicated and, as a result, was not considered valuable.

The lack of value in digital art, combined with the effort to increase followers and engagement in art, resulted in the absence of a mainstream global market for collecting or trading digital artworks, where other users could produce and buy this art from other users.

However, NFTs offer artists the most effective tool and mechanism for adding value and life to digital artwork created by artists and content creators. It allowed ownership to be plainly and publicly confirmed and proven in the same way that any fine art piece is purchased, displayed, and promoted in the physical world.

The traditional art market relied heavily on paper trails to authenticate the origin of artworks. Yet, in several high-profile cases throughout the market's history, forgeries slipped through the nets and entered the market, creating a black source.

NFTs not only validate the ownership and creation of the artwork but also record every transfer of the artwork from one owner to another, documenting the provenance and preventing the black market from entering the area.

Fully traceable provenance and publicly listed transactions eliminate significant ambiguity and bring a clear and transparent change in the art market. An artwork's monetary value is determined by its authenticity, which can be demonstrated by detailed evidence of its origin.

Another distinguishing feature of NFTs is that they are publicly viewable and free to access, buy, and bid on while keeping ownership scarce and documented. Since NFT domains are publicly available, users can benefit from the communal experience of an artwork for educational, social, political, and inspirational purposes.

Furthermore, when content creators upload NFTs, they are not selling it through a publisher, public auction profile, or agency; instead, they can post it to a predetermined price or auction and monetize ownership and control of the digital art.

NFT domain names and the art world

Associating NFT domains with digital art induced as NFTs is another act of changing world perception toward art. It lets users sell their work, control its ownership, and provide additional value to linked subdomains and a stamp of their exposure.

Subdomains to digital art

Content creators, particularly those in NFT digital art, could buy NFT domains on and create many subdomains based on the digital art collection they are ready to upload and associate with their NFT.

If you're uploading a digital art collection called "flower," and one of your paintings is about roses, you could create an NFT domain on called flower-dot-vr, and then create a subdomain rose-dot-flower-dot-vr.

This would display your timestamp on the blockchain and make it prominently visible attached to the NFT art you upload, allowing you to monetize it in both directions, as adding a subdomain would give additional value to your digital art.

Gallery of digital art

Several people are buying NFT domains and building their own NFT digital galleries to showcase their artwork, paintings, and services, much like we do in museums.

Continuing with the above example, you could host a decentralized website on web3 utilizing your flower-dot-vr VR NFT domain on and then build and code it as you want because decentralization allows unlimited creativity.

You are free to explore however you choose and, more significantly, monetize, as we will discuss in the following segment.

Premiums of digital art

Now that you have associated subdomains on NFT and created a digital art museum using your NFT domain, it is time to monetize it heavily by adding premium by allowing users to unlock premium arts or features by subscribing to your website.

They could even buy subdomain tickets for your NFT domain, such as 101-dot-flower-dot-vr, and allow entries based on the code to access premium art and get their hands on it. Your premium art could include whatever you believe is more valuable than your standard art.

It is now evident how NFTs have altered the digital and fine art worlds, and using the NFT domain has provided a wide range of revenue options for independent artists and content creators. So, why wait?

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