Top 10 NFT domain names you need to own in 2023

Top 10 NFT domain names you need to own in 2023

Top 10 NFT domain names

For those looking to buy NFT domains for their decentralized web3 endeavor, we recommend reading our list of the top 10 NFT domains you need to own in 2023, along with all the possible qualities to help you design the best NFT domain.

Top 10 NFT domain names you need to own in 2023

Top 10 NFT domain names

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What are NFT domains?

NFT domains are a decentralized alternative to traditional domains that substitute blockchain addresses with human-readable names established on smart contracts as NFTs utilizing tokenization, making it and its ownership readily transferable, with all data recorded on the blockchain.

Unlike the dot-com boom, mainstream acceptance of NFT domains is slowly advancing, as decentralized technology is something we never imagined to exist. It is difficult for humanity to assimilate such a potentially life-changing discovery.

(Jokes Apart) NFT domains are crucial to Web3 interoperability, adoption, and awareness, just like traditional domains were to Web2, replacing computer-communicable addresses with human-friendly names.

Since it's steadily advancing, the elites in tech are already aware of it. They are adapting with their personalized trademarks by buying the most extensive NFT domains on, leaving very little area for normal users to get their hands on if you make it even late.

Traits determining top NFT Domains

But how to get the best NFT domain, and are there any effective ones available to mint? Yes! If there isn't an effective one available, create one using the characteristics we're about to discuss to develop the best NFT domain on and help you determine why the 10 listed below are leading the board.


The length of the NFT domain does not impact its quality or features, but it does affect its pricing. The shorter the NFT domain on, the higher the price and NFT domains of lengths less than five are in high demand.

The shorter it is, the more expensive it is and the easier it is to remember. However, it's not like if your brand name is l'excellence française, and you mint iexf-dot-metaverse because you want it to be effective and expensive.

Don't do that. Avoid abbreviations when it comes to branding. The length is only important for individuals looking for identity features for web3 using web3 domains or simply buying NFT domains to resell or hold.


Characters influence the efficacy of your NFT domain as they could be alphanumeric or plain characters in your name, but how do you know which is best? Avoid using alphanumeric characters in business unless they are part of your brand name.

The characters in your NFT domain define your brand identity, so be careful about this 100 times. If your brand name is "Pika the Chu," ensure you have an appropriate domain name, such as pikathechu-dot-web3 rather than ptc3434-dot-web3.

Alphanumeric characters can be used for identity, individual usage, or flipping. Adding numbers to your NFT domain name can also help you save money, as alphanumeric names are typically less expensive than plain alphabets and numbers.


Numbers are important in the industry and are well-known in China, India, Norway, the United Kingdom, Portugal, the United States, and other countries where certain numbers are associated with good fortune. On the other hand, some are deemed unfortunate and distinguished by a traditional meaning.

The obsession for "666" has increased due to the popularity of a Netflix series, "Lucifer," with individuals minting the lucifer-based NFT domain or adding it to their social media profiles expressing their passion for the series.

According to the Bible's Book of Revelations, the number "666" denotes the "antichrist," "demon," or "evil." Some are aware of it, while others are simply here due to the series, but the point is that every number has a deep meaning behind it, which is why numbers are costly and extensive.

Numbers up to and including 9999 are regarded as scarce due to their limited amount, which is huge but limited. They are also considered expensive for those below that limit, implying that the smaller or more meaningful the number, the more expensive it becomes.


Ending always matters, be it a movie, web series, life, or NFT domains on When you personalize your ending, you can be certain that it will be effective, innovative, and the best of the nicest finishing. We are discussing the TLD for your NFT domain (not life). provides the most effective TLD endings on the market, which is important for people trying to mint an NFT domain with a specific TLD but can't locate it since it has already been minted, so try another ending to change the course of your life a little.

Suppose the dot-web3 NFT domain ending you want to mint already in use. Dot-metaverse, dot-vr, dot-doge, dot-address, dot-bored, dot-chain, dot-i, dot-shib, or dot-btc are some alternatives you can try. These are all effective TLDs for offering your decentralized endeavor a promising END.

Top 10 NFT domain names you need to own in 2023

Now that you know the characteristics that determine the top NFT domains to own in 2023 let's look at the leaderboard of top-running NFT domains you should own before someone else does!

Here is our list of the top ten NFT domains you must own in 2023:
  1. app.metaverse Premium domain on
  2. news.web3 Premium domain on
  3. pokemon.vr Premium domain on
  4. web.address Premium domain on
  5. sam.web3 Premium domain on
  6. 666.vr Premium domain on
  7. go.metaverse Premium domain on
  8. we.vr Premium domain on
  9. 8.web3 Premium domain on
  10. com.metaverse Premium domain on

The top ten NFT domains listed above are all under 5 characters long, making them rare, effective, and exclusive. Furthermore, the characters are basic alphabets and numerals rather than alphanumeric, which makes it even more powerful.

As previously stated, 666-dot-vr is on the list due to its treading, easy-to-remember number quality, and also for a wide audience of Lucifer lovers and those in the field of spirituality and other connected terminology (xd).

Since these are the most trending domains, we couldn't cover all of the other major TLDs, but as a bonus, let me provide you a list of top NFT domains on based on every listed TLD on the platform.

  1. 123.metaverse Metaverse domain on
  2. news.web3 Web3 domain on
  3. 666.vr Virtual Reality domain on
  4. cross.chain Blockchain domain on
  5. web.address Decentralized domain on
  6. sk.i Premium domain on
  7. stake.bored NFT domain on
  8. love.doge Crypto domain on
  9. nft.shib Cryptocurrency domain on
  10. dot-btc Bitcoin domain on (coming soon)

Now that you know all of the top 10 NFT domains and the top and leading NFT domains based on their TLDs and how to create, mint, and determine top NFT domains according to the characteristics described above, why wait?

Mint now and unlock your identity with NFT Domain!
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