Polygon powers India's police complaint platform to combat corruption

Polygon powers India's police complaint platform to combat corruption

With the First Information Report (FIR) launched on Polygon, Firozabad residents can now file complaints against the police without fear of being ignored or mistreated.


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After the debut of a brand-new police complaint portal that leverages blockchain technology to prevent manipulation, the 2.8 million residents of India's Firozabad district can now rest a bit easier. Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon, said in a series of tweets on October 12 that the Firozabad police in Uttar Pradesh would now employ the Polygon blockchain protocol to combat local police corruption and crime.

The portal enables victims of crimes to file complaints against local police officers minus fear of such concerns of being ignored or twisted by officers who might be corrupt. Nailwal added that the project was particularly important to him because he grew up hearing accounts of victims, many of whom were rape victims, who did not receive justice due to local police corruption.

The tweet reads, "This effort is important to my heart and while hearing cases when victims of predominantly rapes were not being able to submit reports due to corruption at a local police agency." The Firozabad police broadcast the video by Nailwal, which included a clip from Ashish Tiwari, the senior superintendent of the Firozabad police.

The FIR being placed on the blockchain, according to Nailwal, assures that the reports cannot be falsified or rejected by lower-level police and may completely transform the way the right to justice is protected. Nailwal congratulated the police commissioner for going above and beyond the call of duty by implementing and experimenting with technology to ensure just justice.

Others in the cryptocurrency community have taken notice of the Firozabad police's announcement, and many view it as excellent news for Polygon, blockchain technology, and the locals of Firozabad. A veteran of the Indian Navy and Twitter user, srinigoes said it was a fantastic concept to record grievances on the blockchain, which would guarantee transparency, in a message to their 15,200 followers.

Whoever filed the first FIR had the advantage, which was the largest issue in India's interior. The first complaint page on Polygon has now been established, as observed on Twitter by Kashif Raza, the founder of the crypto education business Bitinning. This indicates:

  1. Complaints are irrevocable.
  2. Verifiable complaints are made.
  3. Filing is now simple.
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