Top 9 technological inventions to be aware of before 2023

Top 9 technological inventions to be aware of before 2023

Photo by Jonas Leupe / Unsplash

Another year, another list of the best innovations, but before you move on to the next year, you should be aware of these top inventions from 2022.

Top 9 technological inventions to be aware of before 2023

Photo by Jonas Leupe / Unsplash

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If development causes problems, then inventions are the only means to resolve those problems. These inventions also serve as the foundation for human development.

Here are the top 9 innovations that took the state of technology in 2022 to a different extreme:

  • ViraWarn COVID-19 Warning System for Personal Spaces
  • The Extended-Use Grid Battery
  • The Foldable Screen Tablet
  • DALLE 2 Text-to-Image System
  • The Sleep Reset App
  • Apple’s HidrateSpark Pro Smart Water Bottle
  • AlphaFold Protein Structure Database
  • Flying Car
  • AI Image Generators

Top 9 Tech Inventions of 2022

1. ViraWarn COVID-19 Warning System for Personal Spaces

One of the most remarkable technologies of 2022 is ViraWarn, a personal COVID-19 detector, and warning system. If the virus or any of its variants enters your area, this tabletop device immediately and properly warns the user.

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2. The Extended-Use Grid Battery

For grid operators, having the capacity to store electricity is crucial. The new batteries made of iron might be able to handle it. They have the potential to perform better in terms of cost and utility than traditional types of grid storage because they are made from readily available resources.

The display of a SMA solar rectifier, used for feeding the power grid with solar energy. You can see: Current output 2000 Watts, Today: 27 kWh, Total: 36.7 MWh, voltage solar panels: 330 Volts, grid voltage: 240 Volts.
Photo by Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

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3. The Foldable Screen Tablet

Business travelers know how frustrating it may be to attempt to find a place for their tablets, but the technological development of foldable screens has resolved this issue.

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4. DALLE 2 Text-to-Image System

OpenAI, the company behind DALLE 2, has made significant advances in inventions with its AI technology. It has been made available to everyone, and users can now create all the featured photos for their blogs and use them for various other purposes in the future.

Source: Dall-E 2

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5. The Sleep Reset App

The Sleep Reset App is the perfect solution for struggling to fall asleep and simply needing good, quality sleep. It has helped many users get good sleep and manage their daily schedules on time.

Source: Play Google Store

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6. Apple’s HidrateSpark Pro Smart Water Bottle

This cutting-edge technology effortlessly interacts with Apple Watch and Apple Health and determines how much hydration you need based on your daily activity. Additionally, it alerts you when you should hydrate, taking the guesswork out of figuring out how much water you should drink.


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7. AlphaFold Protein Structure Database

It could take a long time to comprehend how a protein is built. Artificial intelligence (AI) has now resolved this long-standing biological puzzle in the shape of AlphaFold2, which could potentially allow us to develop treatments for a wide range of illnesses quickly.

Source: AlphaFold Protein Structure Database

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8. Flying Car

The flying automobile is the greatest technological advancement of 2022. It is propelled by renewable energy and can fly and move on land. Additionally, it is quite quick, going from 0 to 60 in about 2 seconds. It will speed up and simplify transportation while reducing traffic and pollution.

Top 9 technological inventions to be aware of before 2023

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9. AI Image Generators

AI image generators are necessary for anyone in the business world since they can produce unique images that are perfect for any circumstance. This is a significant development for businesses and individuals who require high-quality photos for their goods, services, or blog articles.


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