Vivo In Delhi: Largest Experiential Store Opens

Vivo In Delhi: Largest Experiential Store Opens

Vivo plans to launch ten experience stores in India by 2024; Image Source: (0)

Vivo has launched its largest experiential store in New Delhi, India. The store spans two levels and contains over 2800 square feet of retail space. This flagship shop combines sales, service spaces, and activity zones to increase user engagement.

Vivo In Delhi: Largest Experiential Store Opens

Vivo plans to launch ten experience stores in India by 2024; Image Source: (0)

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Vivo, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has launched its largest experiential store in New Delhi, India. This strategic move is in collaboration with Kore Mobile, a Gujarat-based retail mobile phone network. Source: (1) Source: (2) Source: (3)

The new store on Vikas Marg spans two floors and has a retail space of more than 2800 square feet. This step demonstrates Vivo’s dedication to reinventing the retail experience by seamlessly mixing sales and service features, allowing customers to connect with their products engagingly. 

The immersive centre is thoughtfully constructed, with distinct areas for service centres and activity zones. These activity zones are designed to increase user engagement by including immersive experiences like low-light photography, dark zones and portrait photography. 

Vivo seeks to establish an environment where consumers can explore its varied range of products, including premium services, accessories, IoT and gaming offers from the X series. Special workshops will be held at the introduction of Vivo’s X and V series devices, allowing customers to actively participate and test the essential features of these products.

The immersive centre is more than simply a retail area, it is a playground for tech enthusiasts, incorporating several consumer hobbies such as IoT gaming and photography. The store is thoughtfully constructed over two storeys to provide a complete brand experience. 

In India, Vivo now runs four flagship stores in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Delhi and Coimbatore. With the opening of the interactive centre in New Delhi, the business has state ambitions to create ten such locations nationwide in India by 2024. 

This strategic growth represents Vivo’s transition away from traditional retail settings and toward establishing venues where customers can fully immerse themselves in the technology breakthroughs and offers that Vivo brings to the market. 

Vivo has planned a fortunate draw with a promised gift for every guest as part of the launch day offers. Members of Vivo’s Loyalty Programme can earn up to 3% loyalty points when redeeming accessories. Furthermore, the Kore Mobile “Scratch and Win” promotion is another surprise for consumers with the opportunity to win a car until November 30th. 

Customers can either choose a free CDP (V Shield Plan) or accessories with every purchase until Diwali. Separately, Vivo is extending Diwali offers on several smartphones, including the Vivo X90, V29 and Y-series phones. 

These festive promotions, which began on November 1st and will run until November 15th. This will allow buyers to receive cashback of up to INR 10,000 and INR 4,000 on the Vivo X90 and Vivo V29 series, respectively. 

Vivo’s change to experiential storefronts is consistent with the company’s ambition for a new retail experience in India. Vivo aspires to create a dynamic retail environment by giving consumers hands-on experiences and direct connections with products and services. 

The opening of the experiential stores in Delhi is just the beginning of Vivo’s larger ambition to change the consumer experience in the quickly expanding digital sector.

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