"We're recruiting," Elon Musk shared a Presentation from Twitter's Company Talk

"We're recruiting," Elon Musk shared a Presentation from Twitter's Company Talk

Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

Following mass layoffs, several platform updates, and a statement of a hardcore work ethic at the corporation that led to mass resignations, Musk tweeted with a slide, "We're recruiting."

"We're recruiting," Elon Musk shared a Presentation from Twitter's Company Talk

Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

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  • A sizable amount decreased Twitter's overall workforce after announcing a hardcore work culture that led to several layoffs and resignations.
  • In a tweet, Musk shared a slide from Twitter's Company Talk with the title Twitter 2.0: The Everything App, along with a list of features including video, encrypted direct conversations, long-form tweets, the return of blue verified, and payments.
  • Elon Musk also disclosed that there would be three checkmarks: a gold tick for companies and organizations, a grey tick for the government, and a blue tick for everyone else (celebrities or not).
  • A software developer from "Ligma & Johnson" was hired by Twitter after spreading false information about their company's layoffs.

Since taking control of the microblogging platform in October this year for a $44 billion acquisition (1), billionaire Elon Musk has revealed several new improvements. Mass layoffs, an amnesty for suspended accounts, $8 for blue ticks, resignations, a strict work environment, and many others were among them.

After the new "Tweet Chief" proclaimed a strict work culture at the company, Twitter's overall headcount has been reduced by a sizable amount, either through job layoffs or resignations. The presentation slide from a company session that Elon Musk shared indicates that Twitter Inc. is currently hiring (2).

This comes following a cost-cutting campaign that saw widespread employment cuts after the billionaire gained control of the social media networking site. "We're recruiting," without giving any more information, was written on the first page of the presentation. The drastic restructuring Musk undertook initially resulted in the company's headcount being cut in half.

The presentation quoted data as of mid-November shows that reported impersonations and impressions of hate speech on the social networking site have decreased. It also revealed that the number of new user signups is at an all-time high, averaging more than 2 million per day for the seven days leading up to November 16.

Musk stated in a subsequent tweet that, in 12 to 18 months, he sees a way for Twitter to reach more than 1 billion monthly users. The slides further stated, "Twitter 2.0: The Everything App" and listed more features such as video, direct encrypted messages, long-form tweets, relaunched blue verified, and payments.

According to some accounts, the microblogging company contacted some laid-off workers after the job reduction and requested that they return as they were mistakenly let go. Elon Musk received a user suggestion that was longer than the character limit and replied, "It's on the to-do list."

"We're recruiting," Elon Musk shared a Presentation from Twitter's Company Talk
Photo by Eric Prouzet / Unsplash

Twitter's to-do List

Elon Musk revealed that three checkmarks—gold, grey, and blue—will be available for distinguishing different types of users on the social media platform, with the blue tick costing $8 and the grey tick costing for the government and other new services.

Elon Musk responded to John Kraus' idea to increase the character limit on Twitter to 1,000 characters by saying, "It's on the to-do list." John Kraus is a spaceflight photographer (3). John Kraus explained raising the character limit to 1000 in a tweet: Only 280 of the 1000 characters should be displayed on the timeline; the remaining 640 can be accessed by clicking "show more."

When a tweet is tapped, it expands in its entirety. When the tweet is scrolled to the end, it smoothly returns to the timeline, trims any "x/87" threads, and maintains its look and feel. Elon stated that the character limit was on his to-do list because Twitter's service was slightly hampered by an outdated third-party technology used for blocking accounts that had no rate limit.

The three checkmarks—Gold, Grey, and Blue—will be available soon, with different users receiving various checkmarks, according to a recent announcement by Musk. For instance, businesses will receive the gold check, grey for governmental entities, and individuals (celebrities or not) will receive the blue check.

Following the Twitter Chief's decision to pause the $8 Blue Pan rollout due to issues including impersonation and false accounts, he described this action as painful but necessary. He did, however, note that the relaunch of the Blue Check subscription service is scheduled for the end of November, noting that this represents a slight deviation from his original timeframe.

"We're recruiting," Elon Musk shared a Presentation from Twitter's Company Talk
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Is Twitter losing advertisers?

In less than a month since the billionaire entered office, Elon Musk reportedly lost half of his top 100 advertisers on Twitter. Approximately $2 billion has been spent on the platform by 50 of its biggest advertisers since 2020. More than $750 million has been spent on advertising in 2022 alone, according to Media Matters in America (4).

As of November 21, there were seven new advertisers, in addition to those who appear to have stopped advertising on Twitter and appear to be limiting their Twitter advertising to near nil. Additionally, these seven advertisers have spent over $225 million on Twitter since 2020 and almost $118 million in 2022.

The analysis tracked the number of sizable businesses gradually withdrawing ad expenditure from social media platforms and may be regarded as quiet quitters. This comes after businesses like Ford (5), Chevrolet (6), and Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. (7) released statements announcing their plans to pause their Twitter advertisements.

Despite these advertising setbacks, Elon Musk has persisted in taking actions that endanger his company's reputation, such as promoting conspiracies and reinstalling previously banned accounts. For example, the one belonging to former US President Donald Trump (8) courting and interacting with far-right accounts and putting in place a haphazard verification system that allows fraudsters and extremists to buy blue checks.

"We're recruiting," Elon Musk shared a Presentation from Twitter's Company Talk
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On the other hand,

Elon Musk has hired back the man who falsely claimed to have been laid off from Twitter.

According to a recent report, Daniel Johnson and Rahul Ligma (9), who both pretended to be fired from Twitter, were hired by Musk. The two guys who claimed to be engineers at Twitter left the workplace, saying they had been fired, but it was later revealed they had never worked for the firm.

Daniel and Ligma attempted to distribute false information about the company, but Daniel is now listed as a Twitter employee. While such false information could have easily incensed a company, Musk being Musk, he recruited one of them into his company. According to company insiders, Daniel joined the internal Slack channel.

According to the story, he had been employed by Twitter as a software developer. Before the layoffs occurred, they both began distributing false information about Twitter, and Musk was not only unphased by the joke but delighted in it.

A few days ago, Musk even extended an" invitation toTwitter'snd Johnson" to return to Twitter's offices and published a poster of himself posing with the two" of them. Elon Musk also tweeted" "Welcome back, Ligma and Joh"It's" In another tweet, he said, "It's crucial for acknowledging mistakes when I make them, and I truly did fire them, wh"ch was one of the worst blunders."

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