Mega Update! ChatGPT extends its constrained database hunt beyond 2021

Mega Update! ChatGPT extends its constrained database hunt beyond 2021

ChatGPT unlocks limitless capabilities & many breathtaking features!

Good News for Data Hunters! ChatGPT extends its constrained database hunt beyond 2021 allowing you to access real-time information. But is it available for free? Or is it restricted to Paid members? Let’s find out!

Mega Update! ChatGPT extends its constrained database hunt beyond 2021

ChatGPT unlocks limitless capabilities & many breathtaking features!

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Users can now browse the web using ChatGPT! Yes, according to Microsoft-backed OpenAI, the company has boosted the data of its ChatBot allowing users to access data beyond its previously popular limited database of September 2021. 

In a tweet shared by OpenAI, it mentioned “Browsing is available to Plus and Enterprise users today, and we’ll expand to all users soon. To enable, choose Browse with Bing in the selector under GPT-4.”

It means that for the moment, browsing with ChatGPT is available only for Plus and Enterprise members and the company is effectively working to make it available for general users or rather free users. Continuing it said, to enable browsing with ChatGPT, choose browse with Bing in the selector located under GPT-4.

The company later this week also revealed a major update that allows ChatGPT to have voice conversations with users and interact with them via visuals which brought in mass engagement among users and also brought the company closer to popular AI assistants like Siri.

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Previously, ChatGPT Plus experimented with a feature that allowed users to get the most recent information using the Bing search engineer but it was blocked later as it pushed users through circumvent paywalls.

Understanding Limitless ChatGPT

OpenAI is heading to lead the Internet as its popular ChatGPT now allows users to explore the Internet with no limit to the material database and access real-time-based data-generated content, but this feature is currently available only for GPT-4 Plus & Enterprise users.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman in a tweet expressed, “We are so back” an enthusiastic response to the resurrection of ChatGPT’s browsing powers which were previously restricted and once blocked. 

The company shared its utility effect that allowing browsing abilities via GPT-4 can assist users with jobs that demand current knowledge be it in technical research, content development, or even device development and selection. 

“Browser with Bing” is the only way to access ChatGPT’s browsing capabilities. You can do so by enabling the extension available in GPT-4 choice. ChatGPT mobile users can access the new feature by navigating to “Settings” and then selecting “New Features” and then selecting “Browse with Bing” extension, and done.

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It doesn’t end here, OpenAI also revealed a few other new capabilities worth the mention of its popular chatbot. OpenAI is leveraging the multi-modal capabilities of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 to power image interpretation.

It means that users can now upload one or more photographs on ChatGPT and ask queries and inquiries related to the photograph and its relevance. ChatGPT is growing super-fast in the consumer app history, as it already has 100 million monthly active users. 

It even surpassed Meta’s Threads app this January which also piqued the curiosity of investors in OpenAI. According to a report shared by Reuters, OpenAI is in talks with shareholders for a possible sale of current shares at a greater price than compared to a few months ago.

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OpenAI also released Dall-E 3, an updated and new version of its text-to-image tool that leverages ChatGPT to help fill in the prompts. The new feature will also be available for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise members via an API in October.

Users can now type in a request for an image and adjust the prompt making it much more convenient for devs and creators. OpenAI is investing hours and efforts in developing convenience in the creator industry, which is worth the watch. 

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