The long-awaited’s October 2022 Mega-update is now Live!

The long-awaited’s October 2022 Mega-update is now Live!’s October 2022 Mega-update

The long-awaited October 2022 mega-update was released by, unlocking many premium capabilities for NFT domain owners as well as several significant additional features scheduled to be released in the upcoming days and weeks.

The long-awaited’s October 2022 Mega-update is now Live!’s October 2022 Mega-update

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The 2022 Quik mega-update has been released by, a P2P NFT domain marketplace that provides top-level Web3 domains based on blockchain technologies within the Quik ecosystem. With an emphasis on increasing the decentralized user experience with convenience and creativity, the mega-update in October has given NFT domain owners access to several features and decentralized benefits. released the specifics and a summary of the upgrade and its new premium features in a press release posted on the official support page. According to the press release, a new "edit function" has been introduced, opening up several sections for NFT domains. This feature allows NFT domain owners to update and add various addressing details, URLs, text records, and bitcoin wallet addresses.

Since this new feature enables users to understand the NFT domain, NFT domain owners, and NFT domain use cases, it will improve the user interface and increase the credibility of the NFT domain. The NFT domain marketplace also said in the news announcement that six blockchains, including ETH, BTC, DOGE, BNB, SOL, and LTC, are now supported.

With support for Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Binance (BNB), Solana (SOL), and Litecoin, among other supported cryptocurrencies, the mega-update aims to improve the user experience by combining several features (LTC).

The press release highlights the integration of the API, which integrates all the features to provide a better, linked, integrated, and enhanced user-centered experience for Quik users. The long-awaited API has also arrived. The press release stated that the front-end API tools and API documentation would go live for general public use the following week.

The Quik team is working hard to provide a better user experience and make NFT domains creatively autonomously feature for Quik users to obtain quick and easy solutions for decorating the NFT domain use cases and explore multiple hidden features of NFT domains, according to Saumil Kohli, Founder of

Furthermore, crypto addresses are typically non-human readable, complex algorithms that are difficult to remember. seeks to replace this complexity with simplicity and human-readable, easy-to-remember NFT domain names to improve payment alternatives for Quik consumers.

Another feature geared toward strengthening decentralized web 3.0 options for Quik users is the integration of NFT domains with crypto wallet addresses. With a hassle-free or complicated-free decentralized experience connected to web applications that are also planned to be released shortly, the new Chrome extension feature innovates and opens several NFT domain use cases for generating convenient solutions for Quik users.

The template builder, available on in the upcoming months, will make website creation easier while integrating with the Quik ecosystem. Users can host decentralized websites and alter them with website-enhancing tools for Quik users.

To develop and land the most practical solutions for Quik users, has cooperated with numerous web development companies and developers, and the mega-update demonstrated this potential. This latest mega-update from has improved NFT domains while giving Quik users a competitive edge in providing innovative decentralized solutions for the coming decentralized web 3.0.

Because big giants are still learning about decentralized technology, having access to decentralized web domains at the early stages of developing web 3.0 gives Quik users a competitive advantage. This also increases their web 3.0 capability and creativity.

Although the press release contains all the specific information about the update, it primarily expresses's intentions to advance web 3.0 by providing users with innovative decentralized website building solutions that also give their users an advantage over the quickly expanding competition.

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