What is Meta AI? WhatsApp’s Very Own AI ChatBot

What is Meta AI? WhatsApp’s Very Own AI ChatBot

The AI Chatbot integration is Meta’s first step in representing the interoperability of artificial intelligence-powered features across Meta platforms; Image Source: (0)

WhatsApp released a new shortcut button to the Chat tab, making it easier to access the Meta AI-powered chatbot. This multicoloured button, which is placed above the “Start a New Chat” icon, is developed to improve feature discovery and make it unmissable for users.

What is Meta AI? WhatsApp’s Very Own AI ChatBot

The AI Chatbot integration is Meta’s first step in representing the interoperability of artificial intelligence-powered features across Meta platforms; Image Source: (0)

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WhatsApp is releasing a new shortcut button on its Chats page to provide rapid access to the Meta AI-powered chatbot as a part of its strategic attempt to improve user experience. This advancement is consistent with Meta’s larger ambition to incorporate AI across its platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram and even its new Ray-Ban Meta smart spectacles.

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The new shortcut button, which looks like a multicoloured circle within a pale grey button, is conspicuously placed above the “Start a New Chat” Indicator. This location assures that users, even those who are unfamiliar with the functionality, will not lose out on the opportunity to interact with the AI-powered chatbot. 

Previously it was hidden in the Contacts segment, the chatbot’s relocation aids in feature discovery, making it more accessible to a wider user base. Users may access the AI chatbot by just tapping on the new shortcut button, which launches a chat experience aimed to provide companionship, personalised guidance and humorous interactions. 

While this functionality is presently in preview, accessible via the most recent WhatsApp beta version on the Google Play Store, it is likely to be released on a stable channel in the near future. Meta’s inaugural venture into AI-powered chatbots was announced in September, signifying the company’s ambition to investigate AI for services across its popular platforms.

This AI chatbot uses the Llama 2 big language model which is similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google Bard. Through a collaboration with Microsoft Bing, the AI will be able to create a more realistic and fluent conversation by sourcing responses from web searches. 

During the beta testing phase, a select group of users had access to the AI Chatbot, which demonstrated features such as platform-specific effects for Instagram photographs and the capacity to respond to a wide range of user queries. 

The underlying technology promised an intelligent and dynamic chat experience by merging language models and search capabilities. The most recent beta update, is version includes a new shortcut button that allows users to start AI-powered chats directly from the Chats Tab. 

While this functionality is now only available to a small set of beta testers, Meta plans to make it more generally available in the coming weeks. The new short button’s strategic placement improves user ease by giving quick and direct access to AI-powered chats without having to navigate through the contact list. 

The AI chatbot is a part of Meta’s commitment to improving the user experience, which includes integration with DocuSign for simplified digital signatures and voice chats for bigger groups. 

While the beta version is only available to a small number of users, the feature’s anticipated distribution to a larger user base reveals Meta’s goal to make AI-powered chat interactions more accessible. Users can expect a seamless integration of AI features as the development proceeds, significantly altering their messaging experience within the WhatsApp ecosystem. 

WhatsApp’s release of a new shortcut button for AI-powered chats marks a watershed moment in Meta’s goal to incorporate AI across its services. This user-friendly feature improves accessibility and encourages users to explore the capabilities of Meta AI chatbot, representing a significant development in the convergence of messaging and artificial intelligence.

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