AI Can Destroy the 21st Century, says PM Modi

AI Can Destroy the 21st Century, says PM Modi

A call for nations to work together by PM Modi; Image Source: (0)

During the Global Partnership on AI Summit in New Delhi on December 12: Paytm's CEO emphasised the potential of AI in agriculture, healthcare, and other fields. Prime Minister Modi, meanwhile, urged nations to put in place a global framework to set limits on AI.

AI Can Destroy the 21st Century, says PM Modi

A call for nations to work together by PM Modi; Image Source: (0)

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India has taken the lead in organising the GPAI Summit 2023, which brought together 28 member nations and the European Union to discuss issues related to artificial intelligence (AI).

The main goal of the GPAI Summit 2023 is to address the growth, risks and appropriate application of artificial intelligence to which PM Modi requests a global collaboration. 

A historic event for the country!

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POV of Paytm CEO Vijay Shankar in GPAI Summit 2023

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder and CEO of Paytm, was one prominent speaker at the conference who emphasized the revolutionary potential of AI in the Indian context. Sharma underlined that AI is more than a scientific achievement; it is a requirement for everyday living in India, particularly given the obstacles faced by limited resources for important services.

Sharma focused on education, detailing substantial hurdles despite India's positive demographic dividend. The barrier caused by English not being the native language of many teachers and students has hampered effective learning. 

While the internet has made knowledge more accessible, the lack of interactive education remains a worry. Sharma saw the implementation of AI bots, particularly those designed in local languages, as an important leap forward in education. 

He envisions AI supporting education in schools, particularly in addressing language-related issues, from early childhood to senior academic levels. He stressed the importance of AI services tailored to local needs, owing to the country's unique data and needs. 

Sharma also pointed out that Indian entrepreneurs must take the lead in developing these solutions rather than relying entirely on Western products. 

He said, "Whether through an open-source large language model or by training a model with Indian data, AI will be a key to providing services to our citizens." While noting the success of Western technologies in areas like social networks and search engines.

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POV of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in GPAI Summit 2023

Prime Minister Narendra Modi drew attention to the potentially dangerous implications of artificial intelligence. He acknowledged AI's good achievements while also emphasizing its potential hazards, particularly in the wrong hands. 

Modi emphasized the danger of AI getting into the hands of terrorists or cyber attackers, which may have terrible implications. Modi recommended the development of guardrails around AI to make its usage more responsible, expressing the need for a global framework. 

He underlined the value of preventing the exploitation of AI, as well as the establishment of global norms comparable to those used in other fields. Modi has urged for a coordinated effort to develop a global framework for evaluating and deploying high-risk artificial intelligence tools. 

The Prime Minister also announced the imminent launch of an AI Mission aimed at developing AI computing throughout the country, with a particular emphasis on entrepreneurs and innovators in fields such as education, agriculture, and healthcare.

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This objective is in line with the larger vision of using AI to help India develop holistically.
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