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How to Create Yahoo Mail Account & use Yahoo Mail Login?

Yahoo mail can help you use its email services for free. Here, we'll guide you through the step-by-step process of Yahoo mail sign-in & Yahoo mail login.

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Yahoo mail was one of the first companies to offer email services to its client base. Yahoo began offering email services after the acquisition of RocketMail in October 1997.

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In today's world, it is essential to stay connected in the digital space, primarily when most of the world works professionally through the emails. Yahoo mail can help you use its email services for free. Here, we'll guide you through the step by step process of Yahoo mail sign in & Yahoo mail login.

How to use Yahoo mail Create Account?

There are two ways in which you can make use of Yahoo mail create account or sign up on Yahoo mail.

1st Method to Yahoo mail create account:

  1. Go to Yahoo's home page by clicking here.
  2. On the screen, you'll see the 'Mail' option on the top right side of the page.
  3. Click on the Mail option.
  4. You'll be redirected to the Yahoo Mail page.

2nd Method to signup & use of service by mail Yahoo:

  1. Enter the URL for Yahoo mail, i.e.,, on the web browser address bar, or click here.
  2. You'll be redirected to the Yahoo mail page directly.

After being redirected to the Yahoo Mail page, follow these steps to do a Yahoo mail sign in.

  1. Click on 'Create an Account option.
  2. Enter the required details like name, birthday, password, etc. for the Yahoo mail sign in
  3. Sometimes the username you selected will be taken by others; in that case, you need to enter the other username which should be unique.
  4. Click on the next button & follow the onscreen prompts to verify your mobile phone number.
  5. Your Yahoo mail account has been created!

Note: You can also use your existing email address on Yahoo by clicking 'I want to use my current email address under the 'Sign Up for Yahoo Mail' section.

How to use Yahoo mail login or Yahoo mail sign in?

Once you create an account on Yahoo mail, you're ready to use it to send and receive emails. But, how do you use Yahoo mail login after creating your account?

Follow these steps to use 'My Yahoo Mail Sign In'

  1. Open Yahoo mail
  2. In Yahoo mail sign in, type in your email address
  3. Click on next
  4. Then, enter your password for your email
  5. You've successfully completed your Yahoo mail login!

You're ready to use your Yahoo mail account and its services like sending & receiving emails. Additionally, you can also use yahoo mail to link them with your social media accounts, providing for an easily accessible social ecosystem.