What the Heck is TypeRacer? Tried hacking it with cheats yet?

What the Heck is TypeRacer? Tried hacking it with cheats yet?

TypeRacer is an online video game, and we can also call it the first of its kind game because it was the first one to get invented in this genre. How do you play this game? It's quite simple.

TypeRacer is an online video game, and we can also call it the first of its kind game because it was the first one to get invented in this genre. How do you play this game? It's quite simple.

What the Heck is TypeRacer? Tried hacking it with cheats yet?

TypeRacer is an online video game, and we can also call it the first of its kind game because it was the first one to get invented in this genre. How do you play this game? It's quite simple.

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is TypeRacer?
  3. How is TypeRacer played?
  4. Benefits of playing TypeRacer
  5. Salient Features of TypeRacer game
  6. TypeRacer Hack
  7. TypeRacer Cheats and TypeRacer Bots
  8. The Drawbacks of the TypeRacer game
  9. Conclusion


Today kids enjoy a lot more options for gaming than people used to in the early days. There are a variety of different options to choose from for the kids to play, whether it is online or offline. Back in our days, there were no online days, and all we used to play were some offline games using stones and balls. To be precise, our imagination is limited compared to the vision of kids nowadays.

Gone were the days when only offline sports like cricket, football, and other things were only getting played. Today there are many innovative, interactive, and creative games to play with everyone, not just online games; even many offline games have been invented to play with your loved ones. But this article is precisely about an online game by the name TypeRacer.

What is TypeRacer?

Before starting with TypeRacer, let's discuss the online games available today. These video or online games have changed the overall perception of playing. Many video games do not just have entertainment in them, but they also teach something creative to the kids. Many online games are available for free and also provide lots of benefits while playing them.

One such beneficial online game is TypeRacer. This game is free to play and helps increase or inherit your typing skills. It is a fun-loving game that gets addictive once you start playing it. Let us see more details associated with this beautiful game.

How is TypeRacer played?

TypeRacer is an online video game, and we can also call it the first of its kind game because it was the first one to get invented in this genre. How do you play this game? It's quite simple. It is a word-type racing multiplayer online game wherein you race against other players by typing random paragraphs from various books and literature given in the game. The one who types these words very fast wins the game. It is as simple as that.

Some people might find the game's preface quite funny, but trust me, once you start playing it, you will get addicted to it. Though the game's preface is not very exciting, it is quite fascinating once you start playing it.

Benefits of playing TypeRacer:

Those who love writing, typing content, or creating creative stories will love this beautiful game. This game is also beneficial for people who are beginning to learn to type and want to learn it quickly.

  • TypeRacer is one game that makes you learn something beneficial by bringing up the fun quotient and entertaining you.
  • There are lots of users present online who give TypeRacer credit for their fast or quick typing skills. This game can also get used in friendly competitions and even in schools or colleges to help students or teachers learn the efficient technique of typewriting.
  • For people who earn money online through content writing, writing reviews, or data entry jobs, TypeRacer might be the best option to learn to type at a swift pace without paying any fees or charges for it.
  • TypeRacer not only improves the speed of your typing but also makes sure that the content you have typed remains of the same quality and makes sure that the content's quality does not deteriorate.

Salient Features of TypeRacer game:

As mentioned above, TypeRacer is a multiplayer online game, so every time you start playing this game, a lot of people will join you in the racing game. This game is relatively decent and easy to play, and it comes with no extensions or add-ons like boosters, changes in backgrounds, or other settings that you can witness in other online multiplayer racing games. There are always people ready to join this game with you, and this feature is an advantage as it will bring the competitive quality out of you.

The game presents a leaderboard feature that gets continuously updated after each match gets played. The leaderboard feature also helps keep the player base alive as they can watch these statistics and improve their game plan or speed, which will directly help increase their typing speed. This leaderboard feature always helps in bringing out the competitive quotient in you more fiercely every time you play the game.

The game also has another lucrative feature, which is the ranking system. This ranking system showcases players who get organized into different pools, depending on their skill sets. How are these skill sets measured? These skill sets are measured by the 'WPM' attribute, the 'Words Per Minute.' So the player with a higher WPM will attain a higher rank in this system.

The game is so simple, isn't it? Yes, and hats off to the makers of this game for bringing something unique and developing it with a simple interface so that everyone can play and acquire the benefits of this game. Based on the ranking system, many people may challenge themselves to reach the top spot, and others can develop even better skills though they have reached a higher rank. A noteworthy point is that most players who play this TypeRacer game are new to this format and want to increase their typing skills.

TypeRacer Hack

Can TypeRacer get hacked? Yes, it can be. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, you have to minimize the VBScript program.
  2. You have to select one browser which can run multiple tabs at once.
  3. Next, open any hacking website or blog site in one tab. Here we will suggest
  4. Now, open the TypeRacer game in another tab.
  5. Open Notepad on your PC and paste the hacking code given in the website in it and save the file as 'Anyname.vbs' in a blank folder and minimize the folder.
  6. Join the game now and start the race; once the race gets started, memorize the first three letters present and go to the first tab. In the first tab, find the same three letters by pressing Ctrl+F.
  7. In the next step, copy the full phrase once you find it.
  8. Now, paste the whole sentence into the input box of the program.
  9. Come back to the race and click the text bar. Now press OK and click the 'back to the text bar' button.
  10. Sit back as it will take some time. After some time, you will get presented with the window 'Congratulations! You have won. That is how you hack the TypeRacer game.

TypeRacer Cheats and TypeRacer Bots:

Now coming to the TypeRacer cheat codes, there are many system-written cheats you can find on the internet to excel in this game. But if you use these TypeRacer cheats, you might win the game, but you will never be able to inherit the typing skills. Though the TypeRacer cheats can get used during the initial stages of playing the game, once you are good enough to play the game, then these cheats should get discarded.

Now, let us talk about the TypeRacer bot, the exquisite bot in the TypeRacer game. So for using the TypeRacer bot, you must install the Node.js program before you can start using the TypeRacer package.

Once this Node.js program and the NPM Setup get done, the installation of this exquisite bot is as simple as running a command. You will find different sets of controls on the internet for Linux/Mac OS and Windows OS.

How to use this TypeRacer bot? Once the command is typed, it will redirect you to a Google Chrome browser. Now open the game and start a race. Do not touch your keyboard now, as the bot will care for your competition.

The Drawbacks of the TypeRacer game:

There are drawbacks present in the original and straightforward online game. Firstly, most players get dejected and quit the game while it is still in the mid-race. These things happen a lot of times in the game. Some people will make a mistake at the beginning of the game and will quit the game. This step will also result in the halting of the whole game, and the other players in the game should start a new one. Pretty lame action, right?

Most of the time, some players would love their progress in the game, and suddenly, the game quits, which will down their morale and lessen their chances of playing it again.

One more drawback of this game is the messaging system housed in it. Once you install the game and decide to create an account in it, you will get presented with a messaging option. What happens here is that once you start climbing the leaderboard more quickly than others, you might invite some bullying or trash-talking from other players in the game. They will try to prick you and irritate you so that you cannot focus on the game properly. Even this feature of the game invented for its betterment brings an unwanted name to TypeRacer.


Other than these two drawbacks, TypeRacer is a fun-loving game and entertaining to play. It is one of the most straightforward and unique games to have such a creative interface, providing some substantial benefits to the players.

Visit TypeRacer's website here.

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