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Amazon's AWS Pledges a Sky-High Investment in India’s Cloud Infrastructure

The Vedanta-Foxconn chip factory in Telangana, India, is set to get the green light. With Foxconn's $500M investment, the project aims to boost local manufacturing, create 25,000 jobs, and lessen India's dependency on semiconductor imports.

Foxconn to Invest $500M in India, Sparking Job Creation and Local Manufacturing
Vice Media Files for Bankruptcy: A Shift of Fortune for the Digital Media Giant
Paytm Faces a Jolt as SoftBank Offloads $120 Million Worth Stake
Zomato's Stock Takes a Hit Amidst Uncertainties Over ONDC
Rising Crude Oil Prices Impact INR: Rupee Slips 14 Paise Against US Dollar
Warren Buffett and Bill Ackman Voice Concern Over US Banking Crisis, Call for Swift Action and Accountability
Embracing AI-driven Growth: ChatGPT Investment Fund to Foster Technological Innovation
43 Tips on how to save money in India (in 2023!)
ISRO to launch the first-ever privately manufactured rocket tomorrow morning
You are invited! Indiatech launches the Free Coverage Platform, promoting India's entrepreneurship culture.
Unicorns in India: An Updated List of All Unicorn Startups in India
Top Startups in Pune in 2022
The state of Technology in India in 2022
Meet the 20 Indian startups selected by "Google for Startups Accelerator-India"
The Rise of Neobanking in India Explained!
Indiatech introduces its first incubation program for Indian Startups in association with BiggBang Coworking & TimesNext.
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