You are invited! Indiatech launches the Free Coverage Platform, promoting India's entrepreneurship culture.

You are invited! Indiatech launches the Free Coverage Platform, promoting India's entrepreneurship culture.

To foster India's entrepreneurial culture, Indiatech is inviting aspiring entrepreneurs and founders to obtain free coverage on their platform to boost their brand awareness and corporate exposure.

You are invited! Indiatech launches the Free Coverage Platform, promoting India's entrepreneurship culture.

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Hi, I'm Sahil Kohli, founder of I believe that the capacity for creativity and passion that Indian startups possess holds the potential to help India become the largest startup ecosystem in the world while simultaneously fostering the growth of the nation's economy and social development.

With more than 100 firms on the unicorn list—companies with a billion-dollar valuation—India presently has the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world.

Checkout the list of Indian Unicorns here.

Additionally, all that young startups need to get on the right track is the proper resources and platform to assist them in obtaining the proper media coverage and exposure.

12 years ago, At 19, I started with XeroCopy, a startup initiative in my college, delivering engagement for brands in many universities around northern India.

Through my experience with many startups over the years, I understand what and how the dilemma of getting on the right track has been.

Future entrepreneurs and founders will be able to launch and promote their brands and initiatives on Indiatech's platform with a worldwide and local outreach, helping them spread awareness, engage users, and provide them with an audience, owing to this Free Coverage Platform by Indiatech.

Along with their ongoing Indiatech's Angel Funding for Startups. Both of these programs provide startups with the necessary resources, from funding to mentoring, to enhance the future of startups in India and their creative talents.

I have always been fascinated by startups and how inventive they can be, as I believe "they can benefit society and the general welfare of people. "Startups can be actively engaged in business, actively involved in society, or actively engaged in corporate relevancy.

Although India is a young country, with 65% of the population falling between the 25–35 age range, the rise of startups was not an overnight buzz. It reflected the nation's young brains for doing good for society and building the country to its potential heights.

Everyone may have an idea or a notion at times, but when it comes to funding and coverage, they are greeted with a stop or a period. India's young and creative minds are being held back by these two main factors.

Therefore, these programs are meant to address these problems and, in fact, encourage people to think and produce what they believe in. Indian entrepreneurs have never lacked imagination; they only need the proper resources and equipment.

This project will make it easier for startups and entrepreneurs to raise awareness and engage their audiences without worrying about marketing budgets or other funding-related issues.

Indiatech provides companies with access to angel funding and coverage platforms that include training, cash, mentoring, and everything a startup requires.

Contact me on LinkedIn or at if you'd like to help India become the world's top startup ecosystem and leverage the benefits of Indiatech's new initiatives.

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