Meta's New App P92 Ready to Swoop Twitter's Sky! Plus, UPI's Japanese Dream!

Meta's New App P92 Ready to Swoop Twitter's Sky! Plus, UPI's Japanese Dream!

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Prepare for the next big shake-up in tech! Instagram takes on Twitter, Japan eyes India's UPI, Aave and Ledger face intriguing challenges, and Samsung gives Google a nod. Let's dive in!

Meta's New App P92 Ready to Swoop Twitter's Sky! Plus, UPI's Japanese Dream!

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Get ready for another thrilling day in the tech world! There's much to unpack, from Meta's new social media experiment to Japan's interest in India's UPI system. Let's dive in!

Meta's Instagram P92 Set to Debut this Summer

Instagram is on the verge of revolutionizing the social media landscape. The Meta-owned platform is gearing up to launch Instagram P92, a new product rumored to be a formidable competitor for Twitter. The app is expected to focus on public conversations and launch early in June. Instagram's P92 could change the way we use social media platforms. Are you ready for the social media shakeup?

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Japan Eyes India's UPI System: Digital Payment Revolution on the Horizon

Digital payment systems have seen massive growth globally, and India's UPI system is no exception. The latest country to show interest in adopting this innovative payment system in Japan. This move could potentially herald a new era in the digital payment sector and further solidify the UPI system's status globally. Stay tuned for further developments in this story!

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A Tale of Two Bugs: Unraveling Aave's Polygon Glitch and Ledger's Key Recovery Feature

The crypto world had its share of excitement with two notable developments. First, a bug in Aave's V2 Polygon resulted in some assets getting stuck in contracts. Meanwhile, Ledger's new Bitcoin key recovery feature has raised eyebrows among experts, raising questions about the safety and security of users' assets. It's a wild ride in the crypto world, right?

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Samsung Sticks to Google, Bing Bows Out as Default Mobile Search Engine

The rivalry between search engine giants Google and Bing took an interesting turn when Samsung decided to stick with Google as its default mobile search engine. The South Korean tech giant's decision reinforces Google's dominance in the search engine market. What does this mean for Bing and the larger search engine landscape?

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