Top 5 Offline Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends

Top 5 Offline Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends

Offline multiplayer games are rare today!

It’s funny how many of us hunted for offline multiplayer games like Mini Militia to play with friends. It is very rare to find people playing such games in 2023. In this top-5 guide, let’s relive the nostalgia with some offline multiplayer games that still exist and are worth playing with friends.

Top 5 Offline Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends

Offline multiplayer games are rare today!

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What is a multiplayer game?

A multiplayer game means when two or more players compete in a single game. It can be played offline with local friends using LAN or mobile hotspots. It can also be played online with friends or with the global community via the Internet. 

Today, offline multiplayer games are considered a long-gone era. You could rarely or not at all find anyone playing an offline game with their local friends. Today’s gamers are either playing online with local friends or alone with global players. 

The digital era captivated new games with its enhanced visuals and unique gaming concepts. It sure is acceptable why they don’t download offline multiplayer games. It’s 2D with basic gameplay and not much exploration. 

Digital-age gamers want everything advanced and visually enhanced. If you ask them to try playing any of your favourite old-school offline multiplayer games, they’d be like, it's so 2D, and where is the vividness? 

The creativity standard we see today in online multiplayer games is without a doubt addictive. Offline-era players agree to the fact if games were this vivid, their first choice would be to download online multiplayer games. 

But since they weren’t, we developed a fondness for such offline multiplayer games with basic gameplay. This fondness inspired us to search for offline multiplayer games in 2023 and ultimately landed you on this post!

Top 5 Offline Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends in 2023

Since you are here, rest assured, you’ll get yourself hung up on at least one of the listed games. Just so you know, we both are on the same page when it comes to the nostalgic urge of exploring back to offline multiplayer games.

So, without any further ado, here are the top 5 offline multiplayer games to play with friends in 2023:

  1. Bombsquad
BombSquad VR – Apps on Google Play

Released in 2011 and yet active as ever. Bombsquad is a game developed by Eric Froemling. This multiplayer game can be played offline and online. You can download bombsquad on Android/iOS/PC/MAC/Linux. 

This game is versatile, available for all devices and can be played by all ages. The gameplay is basic and addictive, probably the best offline multiplayer game for Android to play with friends. You compete with other players to survive and win the rounds.

It could be played solo or in teams. You get multiple ability-based explosives in-game to optimise like power-ups and fight with others. The game is fun, and the best part is it supports everything. You can connect your keyboard or console, and even play it on your TV.

Bombsquad Download Link: (1)
  1. Ludo King
Ludo King™ - Apps on Google Play

Our childhood was blessed with games like Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Business, Monopoly, etc. Considering our childhood addiction, Vikash Jaiswal, the founder of Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd. developed Ludo King in 2016.

This game was a mega-hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was then it came into the limelight and became one of the best offline multiplayer games for Android. People started playing this game with their family, friends, and even online. 

It was Ludo who taught us that, “you must learn to remove some people from your life path if you wish to move forward” (kidding). So, to play this game you have to roll a dice with 1-6 numbers, and whatever number drops, you have to move your token ahead to the path of home. 

You have four tokens and you can play alongside 2-6 other players offline. The game is fun yet technical as you have to think a lot since you get four tokens and there are also other players on the roadmap, all ready in positions to take you off the map.

Ludo King Download Link: (2)
  1. 2 Player Games: The Challenge
2 Player games : the Challenge - Apps on Google Play

Never played this game? Well, do it now. This game is very addictive and perfect for introverts with only one friend. Just as the name says it was developed by JindoBlu in 2019, only for two players but only offline. 

Yes! You can only play this game on a single device but head-to-head. The game has multiple options to play, you can play table tennis, sumo, etc. It is fun and gives your finger a lot of exercise. 

I bet if you play this game for a month continuously, your fingers will start growing muscles, way earlier than your biceps. It is not new to the market, but this game was accepted fast in the gaming community during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

2 Player Games: The Challenge Download Link: (3)
  1. Dual!
DUAL! - Apps on Google Play

Another two-people offline multiplayer game, Dual! Developed by Seabaa and released for public gaming in 2021. A new game but made to the list for the creative and aesthetic gaming visuals, which makes it the perfect duo offline multiplayer game for Mobile. 

It is primarily developed for offline gaming. You can play it together on the same device with one side for the attacker and the other for the defender. The attacker spaceship fires bullets while the defender spaceship has to avoid getting a hit. 

It can be played on a single device, and if you don't have any friends, you can play with a bot. It is a fun and fast-paced offline multiplayer game for mobile. It is more like 2 player games: The Challenge but with a different and creative concept.

Dual! Download Link: (4)
  1. Drive Ahead!
Drive Ahead! - Fun Car Battles - Apps on Google Play

At least, this game made it to the bottom of our list. We struggled hard to find the fifth offline multiplayer game meeting the listed games’ standards. This is also a dual game and can be played on a single device, but holds a creative unimagined concept, and was the first among the list to introduce such dual gaming.

It was released in 2015 by Dodreams Ltd. It has since launched several updates with different vehicles and game modes. You could say that the developer is active, which makes it a reliable offline multiplayer game to play with friends in 2023.

Drive Ahead! Download Link: (5)

Honourable Mention!

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Mini Militia - – Apps on Google Play

Mini Militia defines an era for offline players. Many gamers would agree that their first-ever multiplayer game was Mini Militia. This game created its standard (respect) in gaming communities which retains it as the best offline multiplayer game for Mobile. 

You would also agree that at least once in your life you did check for offline multiplayer games like Mini Militia. We all did, but there are none yet to compete with its legacy. However, some reasons landed this game out of the ranking. 

This game is no longer available for offline gaming. Yes, this multiplayer shooting game has now raised its standard according to the digital age and kept itself locked for only online gaming. 

Chad Towns, the developer of the game who launched offline gaming in 2011, in the mega-update completely eradicated offline multiplayer gaming. It now only allows single-player offline survival/training gaming.

Mini Militia Download Link: (6)

We hope you found this guide helpful in your quest to search for offline multiplayer games to play with friends. However, since the demand for offline gaming is minimal in 2023, we were unable to find any other game apart from the top 5 listed above. 

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