How to Play Karuta on Discord: Ultimate Tutorial

How to Play Karuta on Discord: Ultimate Tutorial

Karuta Album Feature (Abbreviation "ka") | Karuta Anime Collectible Card Game Bot on Discord

In this article, we’ll talk about how to play Karuta on Discord, an Anime game bot with an ultimate step-by-step tutorial of its features and trending communities.

How to Play Karuta on Discord: Ultimate Tutorial

Karuta Album Feature (Abbreviation "ka") | Karuta Anime Collectible Card Game Bot on Discord

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Karuta | Discord Bot (0)

What is Karuta? | Traditional Variant

Karuta means “cards” in English. Since the 16th century, when Portuguese traders introduced the concept to Japan, the term Karuta is used to denote playing cards in the country.

According to Wikipedia (1), “Karuta was played as a trick-taking game or a tile-based game (2) wherein the play of a hand centers on a series of finite rounds of play titled tricks, each of which will be evaluated to identify a winner or taker of the trick,” in the 16th Century.

The initial native of the Karuta Game in the 16th Century originated in the town of Miike in Japan’s former Province of Chikugo (3). The game originated in two variations: the Hyakunin Isshu poetry cards (4) and the Iroha Proverb cards (5).

The Hyakunin Isshu Karuta Game

The Hyakunin Isshu Karuta Game consisted of 200 rectangular cards arranged in 100 pairings with each pair equipped with a “recitation card” known in Japan as “Yomifunda” and a “grabbing card” known in Japan as “Torifuda.”

The recitation (In simpler terms “repetition”) card includes a 31-syllable entire poem and the poet’s name and on the other hand, the grabbing card includes only the bottom two stanzas of the poem which is laid out on the table in front of the players. 

Empress Jito hyakunin isshu card · Exhibits @ Lafayette College
One Ogura hyakunin isshu card
The Iroha Karuta Game

The Iroha Karuta Game is a limited game consisting of 47 or 48 grabbing cards and recitation card pairings. Each card pairing consists of one half of a phrase and the other half with an image and a letter of the Japanese phonetic alphabet.

While every recitation card consists of a prover or statement that begins with the phonetic alphabet letter. The Iroha Karuta game slightly differs via the regional differences in proverbs and grammar in the future between Western and Eastern Japan.

Kawaii Ko Iroha Karuta Card Game (1950s)
Kawaii Ko Iroha Karuta Card Game (1950s)

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Prior to the launch of the modern Karuta Game, Japan was only aware of the above-mentioned variants of Karuta Games. The modern variant is based on Anime/Manga, Japan’s most popular youth-adult culture that is adored and followed globally.

What is Karuta? Discord Anime Bot Game

Karuta is an Anime collectible card game bot on Discord. The game currently rolls 90,000+ Anime character cards and is simultaneously growing. Each character has a unique print number, and card codes, and is divided into five editions with a unique illustration. 

Developer Craig is the owner & founder of Karuta Discord Bot. He is assisted by Bryan in this endeavor and together are working effortlessly to enhance its features and launch upgrades. The Karuta bot is still in beta testing, so updates are regular for users. 

Members of the official Karuta Discord Server are aware of the continuous number of major and minor updates being announced often on the server. There is yet time for the bot to reach the final segment, until then users can expect to receive multiple updates.

As a new Anime or a character is released, it gets added to the list of Karuta cards, beginning with edition 1, a unique card code, and a unique print number, progressing through added unique prints and unique alphanumeric characters up to edition 5 like;

When a new character or a card is released, it receives:

  • Print: #1
  • Card Code: 1-3 characters like ab2
  • Edition: Ed1

When the new character or card upgrades it receives:

  • Print: Up to #12000+
  • Card Code: Upto 4-6 characters like ahe9o3
  • Edition: Ed1 | Ed2 | Ed3 | Ed4 | Ed5

The upgrade of any Karuta card depends on its popularity when Chainsaw Man cards were released, it received a massive load of trading, rolling, and buying/selling which led the developers to quickly release up to Ed3. 

Until now, the last edition is ED5 and prints range to a maximum of 12,000+, and card codes up to 6 letters. However, due to the limited production of Karuta cards, they gained a monetary worth.

It was formerly exclusive to exchange and purchased for in-game money “gems” and “tickets” but the mass popularity and introduction of the option to buy “gems” using “$” also introduced real money exchanges among users, with some cards worth more than $100.

The rise in fandom led Karuta bot to evolve economically. The game was exclusive to its official Discord server but with the rising number of gamers, and the introduction of other alternatives to enhance the game, it is currently available on 795,076 servers (8).

Over 90,000 collectible anime cards to drop! Each has a unique code and print number and can be traded/upgraded. Grab ’em fast!

Understanding the features of Karuta Bot on Discord

Karuta is a popular Anime card game bot on Discord with millions of gaming users. From being limited to a single server to currently being played in thousands, the bot has evolved into an economically advanced bot on Discord with several features that many are yet unaware of.

So, here are some basic features of Karuta Bot on Discord that everyone must know before starting to play the game:

Karuta Manual Card Drops

Karuta Bot manually allows players to drop cards at a time frame of 30 minutes. A Karuta card of a random character with, a unique code name, print, and edition drops in the channel. To manually drop the card one shall input the k!drop command. 

Command: k!drop or k!d

Karuta Automatic Card Drops

Karuta Bot also supports automatic card drops that are triggered when the bot analyzes the server being active. It keeps track of the number of users messaging in the channel, when there are two or more, it automatically drops random cards.

The automatic card drop does not work often when a single person is spamming the channel or two same person. Karuta bot has some strict regulations that must be followed as not doing so may lead to a permanent ban.

Karuta Card Qualities & Conditions

Every card drop be it manual drop or automatic drop comes with different qualities and abilities. There are nine qualities and 5 abilities of every card.

Command: k!workerinfo or k!wi (card code)


Base Value: Karuta card base value is calculated by summing the burn rate, claim rate, and wishlist of the card when you look up the card’s value.

Style: Karuta card style depends on the quality of the card. It can be upgraded using frame, dye, and mystic dye. Applying a frame adds 60 points, applying a normal dye adds 15 points, and applying a mystic dye adds 60 points.

You can either apply a frame with normal dye or a frame with mystic dye.

Wellness: Karuta card wellness depends on the card’s strength which goes up and down as you work for bits and the end total of your wellness depends on the other stats, Suppose all are higher with SSS Grades, then wellness will also go max to S Grade with higher value.

Vanity: The Karuta card vanity is determined by the print number and total cards in production and roll-out. The vanity of a card increases when a new card of the same character with an end-print-number comes into the market which means if 12000 was the last, but now came 12001, 12000’s previous value of F0 Grade will upgrade to D2-4 Grade, depending on your other stats.

Toughness: Karuta card toughness depends on the number of people you fought with to grab the card, If the number is more than 10 then you are to get an S Grade with the highest value which decreases by number.

Quickness: Karuta card quickness depends on how quickly you grab the card. The more fast the more value and quality S Grade you gain for the card which is also rare. But you can get a maximum B or A grade if you grab it in 1-2 seconds. 

Purity: Karuta card purity depends on the condition your card was dropped. If it was dropped in poor condition then it will showcase a poor value F Grade and when upgraded to mint, it can touch a C/B Grade value with lower points.

Grabber: Karuta card grabber value applies if you grab the card. It does not apply to traded cards, which means if you buy a card from another player, you will not get the grabber value. The grabber value is permanently associated with the grabbing user.

Dropper: Karuta card dropper value applies if you drop the card, and can grab it. It does not apply to traded cards, which means if you buy a card from another player, you will not get the dropper value. The dropper value is permanently associated with the dropping user.


Damaged: The damaged Karuta card has a 0-star rating which means the condition of the card is entirely damaged and shall be upgraded 4 times to reach mint condition.

Upgrading a damaged card to Poor level requires 5 Poor Dust + 50 gold coins.

Poor: The poor Karuta card has a 1-star rating which means the condition is better than damaged but poor so it will need to be upgraded 3 times to reach mint condition.

Upgrading a poor card to a Good level requires 5 Good Dust + 100 gold coins.

Good: The good Karuta card has a 2-star rating which is average and requires 2 times upgrades to reach mint condition.

Upgrading a good card to an Excellent level requires 5 Excellent Dust + 250 gold coins.

Excellent: The excellent Karuta card has a 3-star rating which is great and requires only 1 times of upgrade to reach mint condition. 

Upgrading an excellent card to a Mint level requires 5 Mint Dust + 500 gold coins.

Command: k!view or k!v (card code) to check the level and k!upgrade or k!up (card code) to upgrade the card.

Mint: The best condition of the card with a 4-star rating and has no further levels.

Karuta Card Burning

Buring a card in Karuta has its benefits. Since a card comes in five different conditions, if you burn a card in mint condition, you will get 1 mint dust and gold, depending on the value of the card, and the same applies to other conditions. 

Players burn their cards to collect resources such as dust and gold. Burning a card means that you will eradicate the grab/drop association and all connections with the card. The card is then sent to roll out in the market on someone else’s drop.

Command: k!burn or k!b (card code)

Karuta Card Frames/Dye/Morph

Every Karuta card comes with a base value associated with the various qualities we discussed above. One of the qualities, which is style can be enhanced by applying frame, dye, and mystic dye to the card and the style can be enhanced by implying morph to give it a shine.

There are five types of frames in Karuta:

Bits Frame: Karuta Bits Frame can be bought using bits acquired by implying a card to the job board for work. You can also buy bits from other players to buy bits frame from the shop using the command k!buy “name” frame.

Command: k!buy (frame name) frame

Carousel Frame: Karuta Carousel Frames are enhanced frames available for purchase via gems in the karuta shop. But you can buy them using tickets/gems/trade in the market. The Karuta frame shop all rolls the carousel frame which keeps updating for 1000 gems.

Special Frame: Karuta Special Frames are a higher version of carousel frames that can be bought in the special frame box. Note that, when you open a special frame box it randomly gives out any frame, so it can be a carousel, special, or a transparent frame.

Command: k!buy special frame box

Transparent Frame: Karuta Transparent Frame is the most expensive in the market It comes with a transparent look that makes the entire card shine and be visible. To buy a transparent frame, you can either buy a special frame box or wait for the random special frame drops by karuta which refresh every 24 hours or you can buy/trade from other users in the market.

Event Frame: Karuta Event Frames are only available in the event season such as easter or Christmas wherein you have to complete a challenge once done, you get a gift box and when you open it, you are eligible to get any random frame from the gift box. However, you can later buy/trade it in the market if you like.

Moreover, there are two types of dyes in Karuta:

Regular Dye: Karuta Regular Dyes are basic and enhance the value of a card by 15 points. The price of the regular dye depends on the quality, darkness, and depth of the color which can range from 1 ticket to 5-6 tickets.

Mystic Dye: Karuta Mystic Dyes are expensive and enhance the value of a card by 60 points. The price of the mystic dyes depends on the quality, shine, darkness, and depth of the color which can range from 25 tickets to 150 tickets and more.

You can buy dyes for 50 gems on the shop by using the command k!buy dye. However, the twist is that you can get any random dye it can be regular, or mystic which is more like a gamble.

Command: k!buy dye

Meanwhile, morphing in the Karuta card game is also a segment of enhancing the card’s style and outlook. To apply morph to any card, you require bits that can be obtained by working. You can morph a card using any bits. 

Also, note that morph also has a value in the market, the more dark, perfectly visible morph can range from 10-50 tickets or more worth. 

Command: k!morph or k!m (card code) (bits name)

Karuta Card Tags

Karuta Card tags are a convenient feature that allows you to tag a card and sort them according to your requirements, like setting aside popular cards, worker cards, or cards from an Anime series. All you have to do is first create a tag using the command k!tagcreate or k!tc (name) (emoji) and done. 

So, whenever you grab a card simply add k!t (name) and your card will have that tag displayed in the collection. If you want to tag a random card, simply type k!t (card code) (tag). 

Command: k!tag or k!t (card code)

Karuta Card Albums

Karuta Card Albums allow you to decorate your cards in a collection like a photo album. It becomes a convenient feature when it comes to showing off your collection or when you are pushing to sell your cards. 

To create an album you have to input k!albumcreate or k!ac (name) and then to add a card input k!albumcardadd or k!aca (card code) (page number) (slot number out of 8). To view your album simply input k!a (album name).

Command: k!album or k!a (album name)

Karuta Restrictions

Restrictions and regulations are what Karuta is well-known in the market. The bot does not allow alternate accounts of one user. If you a user are found using two or more accounts, all the accounts get blacklisted and cannot be restored.

Karuta tracks by recording the number of transactions a user does in a day. If found trading in higher amounts with a new account, it becomes a call of suspicion leading toward a permanent ban and the banned user can never restore their account. 

Gambling is allowed in Karuta but make sure to gamble with users with higher Karuta transactions and user portfolios, if you are transacting with a newbie, that will alert you to suspicious activity and lead you to a ban.

Karuta Black Market

Karuta Black Market is all about users who are banned. The banned users can never access their account back so their cards are rolled back to the market via the black market. To buy a card from the black market, you have to do bidding.

To do so, use the command k!bid and add the value written above which can be dust or gems. 

Command: k!blackmarket or k!bm

Karuta Card Jobs/Bits

Karuta Job system is a unique system that creates an engaging environment and also keeps the players divulged in the game. Karuta workers are your cards that work to gather bits on different nodes such as gold, clay, ice, oil, salt, wool, copper, leaf, bone, essence, flower, iron, magma, quartz, stone, sugar, uranium, wax, wood, zinc.

Command: k!nodes or k!kn

To allow your cards to work, you need to buy a work permit with the command k!buy work permit.

Once purchased, then input k!use work permit to imply your workers in action. Now you need to set up your workers for that you need to create a job board. Input the command k!jb to view the job board and always add your best eff cards in the job board.

To add cards, input the command k!jw (card code) (slot a/b/c/d/e). To remove a card from the job board simply input k!jw (slot a/b/c/d/e). To select a node input the command k!jn (a/b/c/d/e slot) (node name). 

To work input k!work or k!w and your cards will collect the resource node of the selected one and input bits in your collection. 

Suppose you are a new member:

To create a job board, first select the top 5 players with maximum effort. Add them to the job board using the command k!jw (card code) (card slot a/b/c/d/e), now select the bits you wish to obtain and set the node k!jn salt/or any other node.

Now, to work input k!w and done. Also, the contribution amount you see on the job board is the total combined efforts of your workers. It is also the number of bits your workers will produce for the specified bits.

You are now are all-ready player to work in Karuta. You can also sell bits in the market or buy bits from the market. To view the number of bits you have, input k!bitsinventory or k!kbi. Keeping track of bits also helps you buy bits frames from the market. 

How to set up Karuta bot on Discord

Many feel complicated to set up a Karuta bot on the Discord server but in fact, it is easy, all you have to do is invite the bot to your server, the link is available on the official Karuta Discord server or you can click here (10).

Once the bot is added to your server, create a separate channel for the Karuta bot. Once you create another channel, input a command k!set and done, That’s how easy it is to set up the Karuta bot in your Discord server. 

You can also use k!antisnipe command to keep a limit on the grab opportunity by increasing or decreasing the seconds to click on the snipe buttons of a card grab. Once all your commands are set, input k!d and start playing Karuta in your Discord server.

Commands: k!set & k!antisnipe (seconds)

How to play Karuta on Discord

To play Karuta on Discord one must have an account older than 1 year to get verified. To verify your account input k!verify which will prompt you toward the verification page simply, click "verify."

If the bot approves your request then you can access and start playing. If the bot rejects, then you shall wait a year at least to get verified or may also not get verified in the future, depending on the staff.

Verification is a strict process in Karuta, since there are several users trying to use alternate accounts to obtain more tickets and cards, there is a tight selection of accounts that are verified.

This is also one quality of the bot that makes it to stand out and led a massive demand on several Discord communities and especially the Anime community on discord.

So, here’s an entire list of commands to help you play karuta on your Discord server once your account is verified!

Basic Command List to help you learn How to Play Karuta on Discord



Allows you to vote for Karuta in every 12 hours. One vote gives you one ticket which you can utilize for buy/sell/trade purposes and also to access k!ticketshop



Allows you to answer a simple question that gives you gold coins as rewards. Available every 24 hours.



To drop a set of Karuta cards, that can be grabbed by anyone, so be quick to snipe.



To burn an unwanted card



To work 



To visit a card. It means to answer a few questions about the card based on its Anime personality. It is the ultimate way to date a carb in the Karuta Game.

These are some basic commands to help you learn how to play karuta on Discord. As we explore more about the bot we will keep updating the list, as the next segment will include talks about commands including collection guide, working guide, clan guide, event guide, information guide, wishlist guide, economy guide, trading guide, job guide, and other commands.

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