AI Wars! US, Russia, & China develop tech-enhanced military

AI Wars! US, Russia, & China develop tech-enhanced military

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Today's newsletter uncovers an AI tool simplifying background removal, VardaGPT, and ChatGPT's AI-driven growth. Meanwhile, IBM is embracing revolution by replacing 7,800 employees with AI.

AI Wars! US, Russia, & China develop tech-enhanced military

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Global superpowers the United States, Russia, and China use AI in their military strategy and weaponry, raising concerns about potential repercussions for security and the future of combat, laying conditions for ethical considerations to be carefully weighed.

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AI background eraser >>>> Adobe Photoshop

AI BackgroundRemover, available on GitHub, employs a pre-trained artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to erase backgrounds more efficiently, precisely, and user-friendly, making it a versatile solution for users with different requirements, outperforming Adobe Photoshop.

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Vernacular AI generative tool supporting regional India

VardaGPT started as a GitHub project and has since evolved into a full-fledged AI and language model capable of generating responsive texts in many Indian languages to accommodate India's heterogeneous linguistic landscape. It has also paved the way for developing several language-based chatbots and other AI tools.

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ChatGPT Investment Fund: An AI-driven hunt

ChatGPT Investment Fund focuses on investing in AI-based companies and projects, particularly those involved with GPT-powered chatbots and virtual assistants, supporting the creation of AI startups, assisting them in scaling their operations, and effectively bringing their solutions to market by offering financial backing and strategic guidance.

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IBM replaces 7,800 human jobs with AI

IBM plans to replace 7,800 jobs in its back office with AI within five years, emphasizing the need for individuals to adjust their skills to the changing labor market and embrace the opportunities given by AI and automation while expressing serious concerns over remote workers.

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You will be stunned to know the salary of Apple India store employees!

Apple considers India hitting a "tipping point" due to rising middle-class spending power. However, Apple entered the Indian market after estimating that the population was ready for its prowess, for which it hired tech-savvy employees.

It pays its store managers a significantly higher-than-average salary of ₹1 lakh per month.

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What has a bottom at the top?

Your Legs!

Gold: ₹62,725.00
USD: ₹81.73
BTC: ₹23,40,887.15
SENSEX: ₹61,054.29
NIFTY: ₹18,069.00

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