Application open for Round2 of Google’s Startup Accelerator Program

Application open for Round2 of Google’s Startup Accelerator Program

Today’s newsletter uncovers rising AI scams, a new Programming Language, Bing Chat, and GoogleIO. Also, there remains concerned if AI will replace striking writers; meanwhile, ChatGPT faces Data Breach.

Application open for Round2 of Google’s Startup Accelerator Program

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Google is now accepting registration for the "Startup Accelerator: Women Founders" edition two. The application period ends on June 4th. The program offers networking opportunities, access to Google's global investors, and everything needed to start a successful business in India.

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83% of Indians fell prey to fake AI Scam Calls & Texts

According to McAfee research, Advancing AI cloning generates 85% synchronized voice in mere three seconds leading 83% of Indians fell victim to AI voice scams, with 48% losing more than ₹50,000. Around 86% of Indians share their voice online once a week, and approximately 69% of Indians failed to distinguish between AI and Human voice.

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A new programming language amid a rise in AI developments

Mojo, established by ModularML, is a new programming language designed to cater to modern devs for AI/ML applications and data science, with a modular nature that is also a versatile alternative to Python.

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Introducing Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing Chat

Microsoft introduced its AI-powered Bing Chat and scrapped the waitlist access feature by making it available for public preview. Bing Chat is a more powerful and adaptable tool, owing to several new highly cutting-edge capabilities and plug-in support.

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GoogleIO: Introducing a new OS & next-gen Android 14

Google IO is a developer conference that will take place on May 10, 2023. It will address the next-generation Android 14 and launch a new operating system with several new features.

Furthermore, it will unveil the new flagship Pixel 6, an affordable alternative. Wear OS and other accessory-based OS are all set to receive significant updates, making it a promising event not to be missed.

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TV writer’s strike led producers to adopt AI-generative content

Several Hollywood TV writer's strikes disrupted the entertainment industry, leading producers to look for alternative solutions, which led them to AI-generated screenwriting tools to fill the need since they leverage NLP and ML algorithms that evaluate vast amounts of data, leaving only one concern: quality and originality and a question if it will replace writers?

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What is 3/7 chicken, 2/3 cat, and 2/4 goat?


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