Tech in India by #IndiaTech - Wednesday, 3 May 2023

Tech in India by #IndiaTech - Wednesday, 3 May 2023

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Today’s newsletter exposes AI camera corruption, rising AI & GPT models, potential AI threats, & OpenAI’s expansion. Moreover, PornHub blocks Utah, De-Dollarization accelerates, Reliance launches VR for IPL, and Microsoft adapts Chrome.

Tech in India by #IndiaTech - Wednesday, 3 May 2023

Image generated using AI.

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Kerala Govt's AI Scam Exposed

Kerala Government's corruption was exposed weeks after its installation, with LoP VD Satheesan revealing documents stating that the contract and subcontract were privately assigned to the same company.

Moreover, BJP Kerala VP Shoba Surendran stated that Prakash Babu's Benami and CMO Kerala's son-in-law owned the assigned company.

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AI Beer Advertisement revolutionalizing creative industry

AI-generated Beer ad is trending for depicting several AI models dancing, drinking, and partying around a campfire. This illustrates the power of AI algorithms posing a threat to human workers simultaneously, indicating a technological revolution within the creative sector.

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Exploring the evolution and potential of GPT-4 amid rising ChatGPT

GPT-4 is a model is an improved version of its old models. It is anticipated to make major strides in AL and NLP, including deeper human-like text generation and more accurate and refined interactions.

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Is India's ChatSonic worth competing with global sensation ChatGPT?

ChatSonic stepped in to fill the void left by ChatGPT. ChatSonic delivers GPT-4 features with a real-time library with in-depth and professional responses, unlike ChatGPT's blocked 2021 library and personalized response. Also, check other alternatives like Bing, Bard, etc.

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ChatGPT worker's union in making

ChatGPT is cool, but BTS is a workforce responsible for the AI-generated content we get. However, many of these workers are headquartered in Africa, particularly Kenya, where they are forming a union to stand for improved conditions at work, praise, adequate pay, and genuine contributions.

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Man jailed for AI Child Porn while College Student made $100 in AI Porn Scam using AI model Claudia

Many fell prey to the fake AI model Claudia and paid for her naked and explicit photos on Reddit. While Steven Larouche of Quebec was jailed for 4+ years for creating DeepFake AI Child Porn videos in the wake of the rise of AI porn bots like PornJourney, etc.

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AI meets cloud management, a high-tech collaboration in the works

Box, a cloud content management and file-sharing platform, partnered with OpenAI to improve user experience and productivity by employing the power of AI to enhance content generation, summarization, improved search, and translation.

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PornHub Blocks Utah amid new State Law over Adult Content

According to Utah's passed legislation SB 287, adult content providers must include a visible warning label on their websites detailing the risk of exposing minors to sexual content, or face a $2,500 fine, pushing PornHub to block access to Utah viewers.

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De-Dollarization accelerates as countries see other currencies for foreign trades

The US dollar is long known as the world's reserve currency, but worries over the economic and political risks related to a reliance on the US dollar, amid other factors, have led to nations moving their reserve currencies and seeking other options for international trade and finance.

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Reliance Jio introduces VR headset for IPL lovers

Reliance Jio introduced the JioDive VR headset for IPL lovers to experience immersive Live Cricket action from their homes. It is affordable and available on JioMart, and it comes with 360-degree viewing angles and various other features and support.

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Microsoft faces backlash for adapting a Google Chrome feature

Several Edge users protested Microoft's attempt to incorporate Chrome-like "tab search" to help users easily navigate open tabs and improve their experience, decreasing browsers' performance and stability.

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Rubber Band

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