A concept to bootstrapping a $50 million/year Empire

A concept to bootstrapping a $50 million/year Empire

Today's newsletter uncovers the impact of startup failure stories of TVs in empowering entrepreneurs. 3one4 raised $200 million and the end of Apple's Brydge. ChatGPT is trending again alongside a new AI-based climate solution, while Godfather of AI raises concerns.

A concept to bootstrapping a $50 million/year Empire

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A simple concept grew into a multi-million dollar business. Chess.com started as a platform for users to interact, learn, and play chess. The founders invested the funds in optimized features, high-quality content, and a user-friendly experience, which resulted in millions of fans.

The company makes $50 million annually, which led it to headline our newsletter today.

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Learning startup failure can empower Entrepreneurs

Television series about startup failures and the darker side of the ecosystem, such as hardship, mistakes, and selfishness, provide vital insights for entrepreneurs, assisting them in navigating the hurdles and avoiding the pitfalls of developing a successful business.

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3one4 raised $200 million

Early-stage venture capital firm 3one4  3one4 raised $200 million in its fourth fund, "Contiumm II." The goal was to focus on supporting innovative startups in various sectors, including healthtech, edtech, and consumer brands. Read on to get more details of the funding round.

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End of the Brydge-era for Apple users

Brydge is a well-known accessory brand for designing and creating high-quality keyboards and other Apple accessories for the iPad and Macbook. By delisting products from its official website and experiencing economic challenges, the company decided to "quit."

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Amazon plans to integrate ChatGPT-like AI Chatbot into Alexa. Microsoft is now working on a new ChatGPT update focusing on businesses and their privacy concerns. Meanwhile, a new ChatGPT plugin solves qualitative and quantitative mathematical challenges.

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Two Google-backed India’s AI-based solutions for sustainability

In the APAC Sustainability Seed Fund round focusing on AI/ML and IoT for sustainable development, 13 organizations received financing, including two from India, Gujarat Mahila Housing Sewa Trust, and Villgro Innovation Foundation, which combat water scarcity and flooding.

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AI a greater threat than climate change

Geoffrey Hinton, the Godfather of AI, has spoken out about the rapid evolution of AI technology, stating that its potential threat is more urgent and risky than climate change and that its development must be addressed with caution and preparedness.

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How much dirt is in a hole two feet by three feet?

None! It's a goddam hole.

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