What is the Secret Code for Chats by WhatsApp? How Does It Work?

What is the Secret Code for Chats by WhatsApp? How Does It Work?

WhatsApp has officially launched the Secret Code Feature, enhancing Chat Lock security; Image Screenshot: (0)

Users can now hide locked chats behind a unique password, providing an additional layer of anonymity. The new Secret Code for Chats features can be configured to temporarily access restricted chats by inputting the secret code in the search field.

What is the Secret Code for Chats by WhatsApp? How Does It Work?

WhatsApp has officially launched the Secret Code Feature, enhancing Chat Lock security; Image Screenshot: (0)

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WhatsApp is beefing up its security with the official addition of the Secret Code feature for encrypted chats. This update, first unveiled as the Chat Lock feature earlier this year, allows users to lock their private conversations with an extra degree of security.

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Understanding Secret Code for Chats by WhatsApp

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg just announced the launch of the new Secret Code for Chat Lock feature on WhatsApp. This feature allows users to choose certain chats and protect them with a personalized password or phrase. Unlike locked chats that are normally visible in the main chat list, those encrypted with a secret code remain hidden until the correct password is entered.

To use this additional security step: 

  • Step 1: Enter the list of locked chats.
  • Step 2: Hit the three dots at the top.
  • Step 3: Go to Chat Lock settings. 
  • Step 4: Enable "Hide locked chats.”
  • Step 5: Set a unique secret code, and done!

Following these steps guarantees that locked chats do not appear in the main chat window, improving privacy over the existing design, which displays locked chat shortcuts when scrolling down on the chat screen.

The Difference

What distinguishes the Secret Code function is the ability to temporarily make locked chats available by entering the secret code into the search field. This functionality is only active until users exit the app, offering a secure and private conversation experience.

Mark also stressed the importance of this change, saying, "Now you can set your locked chats to only appear when you type the secret code in the search bar, so no one can unintentionally discover your most private conversations."

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The technique for keeping chats secret is simple. Users must visit the list of locked chats, hit the three dots, open Chat Lock settings, enable "Hide locked chats," and set a memorable secret code, as explained before. This approach ensures that sensitive chats stay private and inaccessible without the chosen password.

In terms of the Secret Code feature's availability, WhatsApp has begun the rollout, and users should anticipate it to reach their smartphones gradually over the next several days. This functionality is part of WhatsApp's strategic effort to improve user privacy and security on the network.

Secret End Note

WhatsApp describes the Secret Code's workings, stating that users can establish a unique password, particularly for closed chats, offering an additional layer of anonymity separate from the phone's unlock code. 

Furthermore, users can hide the Locked Chats folder from their chat list. The locked chats will only be viewable after entering the secret code into the search field, ensuring that they remain hidden until viewed intentionally.

The addition of the Secret Code function makes it easier to lock private chats with your friend, colleague, partner or lover. Users may now lock a chat with extra protection by long-pressing it, eliminating the need to browse through the chat's settings.

(Had to keep this secret on the end note, so that you won’t leave the piece in half)

WhatsApp expresses gratitude to its community for the great response to the Chat Lock feature and believes that the Secret Code addition will improve user experience and privacy even more.

WhatsApp highlights that the Secret Code feature is currently being rolled out and will be available globally in the coming months. The company is still committed to improving the Chat Lock functionality so that users have more alternatives for effectively protecting their privacy.

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