Mystifyingly, Instagram suspended the accounts of thousands of users

Mystifyingly, Instagram suspended the accounts of thousands of users

While its users are going ballistic on Twitter, Meta stated that it is fully aware of the situation and is working to fix it.


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After the significant outage that affected Meta's instant messaging service WhatsApp last week (1), Meta said it is aware that certain Instagram users are having problems accessing their accounts. According to their tweets, people say their accounts were unintentionally terminated without warning after they reported an unusual problem on Instagram.

Additionally, it appears that the affected users cannot recover their accounts despite selecting the "disagree with the decision" option. According to the down detector outage tracker, several Instagram users in India and across the globe are having trouble logging in, while other users are experiencing issues with server connections.

Readers should note that not all Instagram users are affected; for example, only one member of the team is experiencing the issue, while others can use their Instagram services and all other Meta-owned platforms without any issues. In the meantime, Meta has acknowledged that it is a server-side issue, and the company is also looking into the matter.

Notably, last week there was a significant outage of Meta's WhatsApp, with both the app and the web client unavailable for about two hours. Later, the business explained that configuration modifications to the backbone routers caused the disruption.

The banned Instagram users are flooding social networking sites due to the unsettling warnings that began appearing at around 1 pm IST today (2). Many fans posted photographs stating that the account would be suspended by the end of today, October 31, at the time of writing.

The warning continues by informing the account holder that they have 30 days to disagree with the choice by clicking on a blue alert box (3). mobile page on a mobile Safari browser
Photo by Solen Feyissa / Unsplash

Here’s how to fix the Instagram suspension

Whatever happened sparked a commotion on Twitter and other social media sites, while the reason for the warning from Meta or the Instagram staff is unknown. The member of our team claimed his account had been suspended. He later appealed by checking the disagree box, confirming his identity, and filing a ticket to Instagram (4).

After a few minutes, he discovered that his account had been restored and that there had been no more problems, indications of a hack, or changes to the account, demonstrating that Instagram had made a mistake and not the user's personal information or gadgets.

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