What is Microsoft’s Windows AI Copilot? Explained

What is Microsoft’s Windows AI Copilot? Explained

You can ask Microsoft Windows Copilot to launch any Windows-related task!

Microsoft introduced its new AI Copilot for Windows 11. The feature is not yet available for everyone globally. It is restricted in Europe concerning privacy laws. But what is Microsoft’s Windows AI Copilot? Let’s find out in the explained guide.

What is Microsoft’s Windows AI Copilot? Explained

You can ask Microsoft Windows Copilot to launch any Windows-related task!

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Microsoft released the Windows AI Copilot for public access on September 23. It came as a part of the Windows 11 September 26 Update. It was released in several countries including India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and a few Asian, and South American countries.

The copilot is currently unavailable in Europe. This is mainly due to the region’s privacy restrictions. However, the feature is accessible in the UK and the company showcases dedication to expanding the support beyond.

The new Copilot is a component of Microsoft Bing Chat. However, unlike Bing Chat, Copilot is designed to interact with Windows applications and features like Microsoft Office, Windows Settings, Photos, Files, and others.

The new Windows Copilot is visible for all Windows 11 versions on their taskbar. If you are not able to see it, probably it must be hidden for your region. Microsft is in all plans to extend its market over time but for now, its prime focus is the above-listed regions. 

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What is Microsoft’s Windows AI Copilot?

Microsoft’s Windows Copilot is an AI-generative alternative to helper Clippy. The new AI Copilot for Windows works as an assistant. You can assign any Windows-related task. It also helps in document creation and summarizes meetings for absences. 

“When Microsoft talks about the future, this is what it means. The future is AI.”

The AI Copilot for Windows is also supported in Microsft applications. You can ask the Copilot to sum up all your lengthy email exchanges, it can do it in seconds. The Copilot can even assess large amounts of spreadsheet data.

Microsoft says that you can also open a chat window directly from the desktop and ask Copilot for assistance with tasks or any information. On Outlook it helps you work more efficiently by summarizing all long email chains and responding to them with ease. 

You can analyze and customize the tone and content of your messages. While in Teams it can assist you to interact with coworkers while planning tasks. It aids well in the creation of agendas, organizing meeting discussion points, and formulating action items.

Microsoft claims that it also supports you by summarizing the Teams meeting for those unable to attend. Meanwhile in Word, it can help you create a draught of papers, revise portions of your writings, refine the tone, research topics, and summarize texts.

PowerPoint can help you convert your ideas into decks and add speaker notes to your presentations. Since it is directly integrated into the Operating System, it gets access to all the system controls and documents, and also the capacity to open apps and operate.

Microsoft showcased the world during the introduction like how the Copilot can switch one’s Windows to dark mode, sum up business plan documents, and can also recommend music by opening Spotify.

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However, there are also those who do not like the feature and wish to remove it from their taskbar, or Windows. If you want to remove Windows Copilot from the taskbar or completely out of your Windows, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Launch “settings” and on the left side, open “Personalization.”
  • Now scroll and launch the “Task Bar” settings.
  • Now click the toggle and turn off its appearance on the Task Bar.
What is Microsoft’s Windows AI Copilot? Explained
Turn off Copilot for Windows

That’s how you can completely remove Windows Copilot on Windows 11 if you feel annoyed on the taskbar. To completely disable Windows we shall explore the topic in our next segment. Stay tuned as we explore more about Windows AI Copilot. 

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