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Here's why the battle between low and no transaction fees is so critical today

The elimination of spam bots and bogus accounts, as well as the promotion of free speech, have been highlighted by Musk as key areas of importance for Twitter under his leadership in the past.

Twitter under Elon Musk: Crypto Twitter
Is the crypto market taking a high turn? Bitcoin’s price is up today
Did you know? A royal NFT was commissioned by the incoming prime minister of the UK, Rishi Sunak.
Polygon powers India's police complaint platform to combat corruption
What is a Web3 Browser? How to use it?
While crypto investors are looking for the next big hit, it looks like NFT domains are it!
How zero-knowledge KYC could resolve the conflict between privacy and compliance
Digital Rupee, CBDC: The plans & the future’s new features are changing the NFT domain game!
Indian authorities are investigating Singapore's gaming payments firm, Coda.
Bengaluru's tea vendor takes cryptocurrency payments, but is it making a profit?
The long-awaited’s October 2022 Mega-update is now Live!
Cardano’s Vasil hard fork Explained!
How could rushing token mapping hurt the Aussie crypto space?
This November, Miami will host the Institutional Web3 Summit
The Twitter account of the Indian embassy in Oman was compromised to spread XRP fraud
Indian Crypto Exchange WazirX delists USDC, following Binance
Why is India still largely untapped for NFTs?
Is this the Fed's biggest rate hike in 40 years? The week's essential Bitcoin news
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