"RIP Twitter" is trending as Twitter witnesses mass resignations

"RIP Twitter" is trending as Twitter witnesses mass resignations

Twitter imposed an ultimatum and locked the staff out of the office until the next week, which resulted in hundreds of employees resigning in a mass resignation.


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Some Twitter employees declined to sign Musk's vow to work and departed with severance money. Elon Musk (1) has ordered offices to remain closed and blocked access until November 21. Employees could have responded better to Elon Musk's email warning them about the intensely long hours they would be working rather they decided to quit.

Musk has said in the letter that the employees who refuse to follow the business's new regulations may leave with severance compensation. However, some staff has declined to sign the pledge of work issued by Musk and chosen to depart with severance pay. All additional information has yet to be communicated by the staff at Twitter, which has closed its offices and blocked badge access until November 21.

"RIP Twitter" is trending as Twitter witnesses mass resignations.

After Musk on Wednesday issued an email headlined "a fork in the road" ordering the staff to sign an online form by 3:30 am IST today, committing to work long hours at high intensity, the employees decided to quit (2). Employees were instructed to click the yes button and the link below if they were certain they wanted to stick around and participate in the new Twitter.

Musk also said that Twitter would need to be incredibly hardcore, requiring its staff to put in long hours of intense effort. Soon after, staff members chose to resign with severance pay. Shortly after, Twitter announced that it would temporarily close its offices and disable badge entry until November 21.

The number of workers who refused to sign the vow to work and depart with the severance pay commercials surprised Musk. According to reports, he met with several senior executives to persuade them to stay. Before Musk acquired Twitter, the company employed nearly 7,500 people (3).

Even still, the workforce was reduced by about 50% due to the mass layoffs. Now that more workers depart the company, Twitter will experience a staggering 88 percent reduction in size (4). However, the number of Twitter staff members who left due to Musk's email is unknown.

"RIP Twitter" is trending as Twitter witnesses mass resignations
Source: BBC News

However, it has been stated that the numbers are in the hundreds, and several extremely seasoned and dependable workers who have worked for the organization for more than ten years have also left. Twitter's DM of engineering also tweeted about this resignation (5).

Elon Musk issued the email to staff members at midnight, which immediately caused a wave of resignations. Musk claimed in the email that Twitter would need to be highly hardcore, which entails working long hours at a high level of intensity, and that only extraordinary performance would be considered passing.

In the past, Musk had urged Twitter staff to put in at least 40 hours per week and had stopped the policy of working from home. Musk's prior communication to the staff shows that the road ahead is difficult and that success will require a lot of labor.

Twitter's office building will also temporarily close, which has been communicated to the staff. Employees were informed in a message viewed by the BBC that the offices would return on Monday, November 21, although the message did not mention why the relocation had been made (6).

"RIP Twitter" is trending as Twitter witnesses mass resignations.

The corporation cut almost 50% of its workers earlier this month. The news that Twitter had temporarily closed its headquarters today coincided with indications that some employees had left because they objected to Musk's revised contract.

Employees have been tweeting about their departure from the company with the hashtag #LoveWhereYouWorked and a salute emoji (7), which has caused another trend, "RIP Twitter," to emerge on the platform (8). When the dust settled today, there would be fewer than 2,000 individuals still employed by Twitter, according to a former employee who asked to remain anonymous and was quoted by the BBC.

They continued by saying that everyone on their team had been fired, along with his manager, that manager's manager, and then that manager's boss. They also said that the executive immediately above that person had been fired. The chain of command is, therefore, empty.

Around 7,500 people worked for the company before Musk assumed leadership of Twitter. The company also reportedly employed thousands of contract workers, most of whom are said to have been let go. A different person claimed they quit despite being ready to work long hours.

Employees are complaining on Twitter that they do not want to work for someone who repeatedly threatened us via email, saying that only exceptional Twitter users should be employed here while they were already putting in 60–70 hours a week. The richest man in the world acquired Twitter last month in a record-breaking $44 billion purchase and now serves as its CEO (9).

"RIP Twitter" is trending as Twitter witnesses mass resignations.

Musk tweeted that the best employees are staying on, and he is not very concerned in answer to the query about worries that Twitter was going to shut down after the announcement regarding the closure of its offices was received. He tweeted an image of a gravestone with the Twitter logo and an emoji representing a skull and crossbones in separate messages.

Elon Musk also stated on Twitter that the annual cost of lunch is billions. This was in response to recent reports that the new Twitter CEO would require employees to pay for lunch, which the social media company previously provided free of charge.

Musk responded to criticism on Twitter by stating that the cost of lunch for each employee is relatively high and that the office used to have a low attendance rate, resulting in the majority of the food being wasted.

"RIP Twitter" is trending as Twitter witnesses mass resignations.

According to an ex-Twitter employee, the claims are untrue, and people pay $20 to $25 per day for lunch. She also stated that office attendance ranged from 20 to 50%. However, by providing more information, Musk refuted her assertions.

That said, his decision to charge Twitter employees for lunch is also not unexpected, given the numerous decisions and actions he has taken and is still taking to reduce costs. Elon Musk claimed that because the business is not profitable and is not bringing in enough revenue, it will have to fire workers.

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