30 Ways to Make Money Online (Updated in Dec 2022)

30 Ways to Make Money Online (Updated in Dec 2022)

Many believe that making money full-time is a traditional or offline approach. However, as the world becomes digitalized, you now have several ways to make money online full-time or as a side hustle!

30 Ways to Make Money Online (Updated in Dec 2022)

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There are several ways to make money online. It can be as a means of passive income, a side hustle, or a full-time job. Most working professionals are now shifting towards making money online and have already said “Goodbye” to traditional work culture.

It can be similar to the traditional 9-6 job. But the only difference is that you are the boss here as you decide what to work on, where to work, and how to work without continuous scrutiny or the strain of meeting deadlines.

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But as they say, scammers also exist where there’s a way to earn profit. They can make replicas of websites and fool you into looting your money or personal information. Beware of such sites! But don’t worry. We have listed the most legitimate 100 ways for your reference to help you start your online endeavor.

Also, don’t expect to earn easy or huge amounts of money quickly online as these are just like traditional work culture but online.

“The more patience you show, the more fruitful your tree will grow.”

We have gathered 100 ways to make money online for beginners looking to kickstart their careers. Also, for single moms, homemakers, professionals, senior citizens, etc., and anyone looking for an online source of income from home.

30 ways to make money online

Here are 30 proven ways to make money online, starting today!


1. Start a blog and monetize with advertisements

Ghost is the most effective way to start a blog and monetize with advertisements.

Most writers, journalists, and bloggers prefer hosting on Ghost. It also offers SEO tools and other plugins, making it easy for beginners to comprehend.

You can start your blog on Ghost in two ways:

  1. Use a subdomain such as myblog.ghost.org
  2. Use a custom domain such as myblog.com.

We recommend using your custom domain, which looks professional and helps you rank on Google.

  • All you have to do is visit Ghost's Official Website!
  • On the top right corner, you can check the "Get Started" button, which will showcase different styles for your website.
  • Set your website settings and follow the process till the last bar. Then sign up to access Ghost.
  • Once done, you will get directed to the dashboard. You can check your website by selecting "Visit my site" on the left. Also, customize your website and start your blog!

Ghost Subscription Plans:

You can make money on Ghost as other bloggers do on different websites. You can also add your subscription plan on Ghost to get paid readers. It is a slow process but sure a fruitful one which you will never great.

Your blogs' and articles' consistency and accuracy are key for you to get paid for every click and membership. We recommend you start regularly writing content on your website for at least three months without running ads.

This will help you create an organic reach and also help you rank better on Google. Later on, once you think you are ready, start monetizing your work and earn profit to cover the cost of ghost hosting.

Click the Link to Host with Ghost! (1)

How do Monetize blogs with advertisements?

The easiest way to monetize your blogs is with Google Adsense, as Ghost allows everyone to utilize it to expand their reach and get clicks.

  • Launch Google Adsense and click "Get Started" in the top right corner.
  • The go-to "Sites" and add your URL on the bar as shown below!
  • Then click on set up ads, and for the easiest way, run auto ads.
  • Click on "Apply to Site." Once done, Google will take around two weeks to review your blog and website.
  • Once approved, you will see the ads on Adsense's front page and how it is shown to others!

Monetize your Blogs & Run Ads (2)

Over $12,000,00 in revenue has been generated overall by Ghost Creators yearly!

Other Websites to Start a Blog and Monetize with Advertisements:

  1. Medium (3)
  2. Wix (4)
  3. Substack (5)

Note: To know more about how to start a blog and monetize with advertisements, we already have a detailed article ready for you! Read Here.

2. Sell courses online

Multiple websites allow you to sell courses online. All have their unique traits and offers for experts. But the most trusted and globally utilized platform is Udemy.

You can easily sell your courses online on Udemy, and we will tell you how in the easiest ways. But before that, ensure your online course has the following segments to keep your students engaged.

  1. Make sure you have practical experience and expertise (average knowledge) in your chosen topic.
  2. Create a focused niche rather than a broad overview of the topic.
  3. Create a good setup, including a camera, lighting, board, and other necessary video editing equipment.

Now, how to sell your course on Udemy:

  • Launch Udemy and click "Teach on Udemy" on the top bar.
  • Then select "Get Started" and Sign Up with your credentials.
  • Udemy will then ask you a few questions. Fill it out according to your fit, and it will also ask if you wish to upload your video or create it with Udemy.
  • For now, Click "upload your video" and follow the same.
  • Once done, you will see your profile in the top right corner. Edit your profile and add your social media links for more engagement.
  • Click "Create a Course" and select if you wish to upload a course and a practice test.
  • Fill in the required details about the course explaining your course. Also, make sure to add curriculum, chapters, and tests. Later select the pricing of the course and create an attractive landing page.
  • Once all information is filled in, click Submit & Review.

Udemy will then upload your course for its students. If you do not choose Udemy for advertising your website and depend on its organic traffic, you will get 50% of the revenue from your course sales.

You can also create a coupon for selling your courses. Also, if any student purchases your course with the coupon code, Udemy offers you 97% revenue from the sales.

Sell your course on Udemy! (6)

Udemy's most popular and in-demand course in 2022: 100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2023 (0

Other Websites to Sell Courses Online:

  1. Skillshare (7)
  2. Thinkific (8)
  3. Teachable (9)

Note: If you want to explore more and understand how you sell courses online, you can check out our article with a detailed study! Read Here.

3. Become an affiliate marketer

You get a free eBook on every successful conversion of a referral code! This is how affiliate marketing works; it has proven to be one of the best ways to make money online. To help you become an affiliate marketer, we have shortlisted ShareASale!

  • Launch the ShareASale official website. Scroll down, click on affiliates, and then "Join our network."
  • Log in with your credentials and add a website link as proof of this. Also, answer all questions below regarding how you wish to market or promote the product.
  • Next, add your email address, address details, and country of origin.

(Below, you will find the "incentive" question. Make sure to click the third option, "I don't know what an incentive program is." As they reject anyone associated with an incentive program)

  • Complete the setup, and ShareASale will review your website and all the details before approval.
  • Once approved, click on merchants and look for programs to promote on your website, blog, or application.
  • All the details of sales and conversion are listed on the platform, and also, what keywords not to use are below.
  • Join the program and get an HTML banner, customized code, or a promotional coupon to promote the product on your website, blog, or application.

Every click allows you to earn money depending on the program you select and the clicks you get.

Start getting paid for clicks! (10)

ShareASale is the 13th most popular affiliate marketing website in India (0)

Other websites to start Affiliate Marketing:

  • Amazon Associates (11)
  • FlexOffers (12)
  • VigLink (Sovrn) (13)

Note: To know more about how affiliate marketing works and multiple affiliate programs, we have an article ready for you! Read Here.

4. Create an online store

Creating an online store has become the most effective way of making money from home. Instead of investing high values in developing websites, we have the most convenient way for you to create an online store.

Many individuals and retailers are moving towards making their Shopify accounts to make money online. You can sell printed t-shirts, clay pots, music, and anything on Shopify. Mainly it also helps you build a customized (dot com) domain for your website.

  • Visit the Shopify official page and click on "sell everywhere."
  • It will then ask you to submit your credentials for signing up.
  • A few questions regarding your motive to open an online store on Shopify.
  • Select what and how you wish to sell.
  • Select your store name, log in, and add your product.
  • Make sure to add all the details about each page on your store, along with shipping zone, privacy & policy, and other terms and conditions.
  • Edit your main menu and ensure the product is listed on Shopify before linking to the home page.
  • Select the theme for your website and customize the user interface.
  • Once you set up your store, click on "domains."
  • Create your domain and URL redirects, and select a Shopify plan.
  • Confirm the billing, and that's how you can create your online store!

Shopify allows you to ship products in a particular zone or even worldwide. You can sell anything on Shopify, but ensure your product reaches your customer.

Create your Shopify store here! (14)

More than 1.75 million businesses worldwide use Shopify (0).

Other Websites to Create an Online store:

  • Square (15)
  • WooCommerce (16)
  • BigCommerce (17)

Note: If you wish to know more about other websites to create an online store, we have the article ready for you! Read Here.

5. Offer virtual assistant services

As the name suggests, you virtually assist brands, companies, or startups with administrative and technical duties. Becoming a virtual assistant is not easy, as you have to monitor every happening within a company.

It can be data entry, creating a digital calendar, adding appointments, etc. But it is easy to find work as a virtual assistant. Several websites are offering virtual assistant services. But the best one would look for a job as a virtual assistant on Upwork.

  • Launch the official Upwork website and tap on "Find Work."
  • Click on Sign Up and answer a few questions describing yourself.
  • Sign Up and then look for jobs to work as a virtual assistant.

You can easily earn from your home and also manage other tasks. Virtual assistant jobs are in demand as very few platforms offer such services, but the demand is high.

Become a Virtual Assistant Here! (16)

Upwork has around 145,400+ clients worldwide and a $2.5 billion+ market value.

Other Websites to help you offer Virtual Assistant services:

  • Prialto (17)
  • Belay (18)
  • Wood Bows (19)

Note: To learn more about other ways to start your virtual assistant journey! Read Here.

6. Become a Freelance Writer

It is similar to blogging, but you write for brands and companies instead of creating blogs for yourself. Freelancing your work will also help you create a professional portfolio. Several websites are hiring freelance writers, but the easiest of them is BloggingPro.

  • Launch the official BloggingPro website and scroll down.
  • You will have several posting looking for a writer. Select the post you wish to work on. Once the page opens, read the full job description.
  • Click on "Apply" if you wish to work.

BloggingPro only offers freelance and full-time writing jobs. Beware of fraud if any company asks you to pay money to work for them.

Start your Freelance Writing! (20)

BloggingPro has an average of 68.0k total visits with monthly traffic of 55.79%.

Other Websites to Become a Freelance Writer:

  • iWriter (21)
  • FlexJobs (22)
  • Freelancer.com (23)

Note: To know more ways to become a Freelance Writer, we have a detailed article ready for you! Read Here.

7. Become an online tutor

All that you need to become an online tutor is accurate subject knowledge. Average knowledge is also preferable, but it lessens the chance of earning. Make sure you have thorough expertise before you step into tutoring. You can easily start your online tutoring on Cambly.

  • Launch Cambly and scroll down to the sixth slide. You will find "Become a tutor" and click "get started."
  • Select how you wish to tutor. It can be below 18 or 18+ students.
  • Complete all the procedures. Once your login, edit your profile and complete the requirements.
  • Add your expertise, introduction videos, etc., about you on your Cambly profile.
  • Once done, Cambly will review your profile, and you will get offers if approved.

You can earn up to $12.00 per hour on Cambly. Approval might take time, and to avoid rejection, ensure you fill in only what is required and do not exaggerate.

Start your Online Tutoring here! (24)

With more than 1,469 employees, Cambly has an annual revenue of $61.0 Million.

Other Websites to Become Online Tutor:

  • TutorMe (25)
  • Wyzant (26)
  • Learn To Be (27)

Note: To know more about how to become an Online tutor, we have a detailed article ready for you with all the study materials! Read Here.

8. Create and sell online video tutorials

Now that many advancing technologies are taking over humanity, we can't figure out how these products and services work. That is when tutorial videos come in handy. Also, these videos have now become a full-time opportunity for many!

Platforms like Xperiencfy offer several options for users to create and sell their video tutorials.

  • Launch the official Xperiencify website and click on "Get Started."
  • Sign Up with your credentials. Click on "Add Course."
  • Fill in all the details about your course. Add your video or create one on the platform.
  • Once everything is done, Upload it!

You can expand your reach and visibility through its three packages of various attributes. This also allows you to obtain organic reach and mass audience (sales). Also, if you wish to advertise, you can share these on several websites.

Create and Sell your Video Tutorials! (28)

Other Websites to Create and Sell Video Tutorials:

  • Pathwright (29)
  • Sellfy (30)
  • Mighty Networks (40)

Note: To know more about how you can create and sell video tutoring, we have an article prepared for you! Read Here.

9. Offer web design and development services

Are you tired of working for the same company and still far from achieving your life goal? What if we tell you, you can offer your web design and development services in Silicon Valley from home? Yes!

Be it professionals, beginners, or experts, something that satisfies you are important. For such reasons, we have a platform to help you achieve the *life goal* you've been craving in your corporate job!

Turing is a platform only for developers looking for remote jobs from their comfort space anywhere!

  • Launch the official Turing website and Scroll down!

(This platform prefers skills and talent, so don't worry, you can reject, accept and demand your autonomous rights!)

  • You will find the option to browse offers based on your skills, roles, or trajectory.
  • Select according to your preference and click on it.
  • Then, click on Apply as () Developer on the next page.
  • It will ask you a basic question to test your knowledge and understanding. It will have three choices for you to answer. 1. JavaScript, 2. Python, and 3. C.
  • Once done, create your profile and take tests and interviews.
  • Turing also has conditions and requirements which your profile shall match to be eligible.
  • Once cleared, you can now apply for jobs and get offers.

We hope you achieved a clear picture of your long awaiting Silicon Valley goal!

To Work in Silicon Valley, Click the Link! (41).

We also have a solution if you wish to start your own business offering web design and development services.

But before moving forward, make sure you are clear about your niche!

Squarespace allows you to build websites for Free. As a developer, it won't be difficult for you to create your website, but the easiest and most convenient way would be through this method.

  • Launch Squarespace, and on the top bar, click "product."
  • Select "sell services." Scroll down and select your preference.
  • Now Select a template to create your website.
  • Sign up with Squarespace and follow the steps to start hosting your website for free!
  • This is the easiest way for you to host a website.
  • But make sure you buy an attractive domain for your services to reach out to leads. You will need a catchy vibe.

Starting your business to offer web design and development services is the most profitable busines in today's world. As many users advance on the web, designing a website is becoming common. This has led to a growing demand for web development services.

Offer Web Design and Development Services! (42)

There are more than 2.5 million plus developers active on Turing.

Other Websites to help your Offer Web design and development services:

  • Arc.dev (43)
  • Shopify (44)
  • UpStack (45)

Note: If you wish to know more ways to utilize your web design and development skills, we have an article ready for you! Read Here.

10. Create and sell digital products

Never heard about digital products? Digital products can be ebooks, templates, courses, etc. There are many ways you can start selling your digital products. Before that, make sure you are clear about what you are selling.

Suppose you are an artist willing to sell your graphics or art. TeeSpring allows you to create and design art and then upload it on its platform. Once uploaded, it will be added to t-shirts, hoodies, etc., and TeeSpring will print and sell the product.

  • Launch TeeSpring and click on "start creating on its landing page."
  • Log in with your credentials. You will find a lot of products. Select the one you wish to add to your Design.
  • Select the colors you wish your Design should support.
  • Then, create your Design as an image or text.
  • Confirm your Design and select the price.
  • Click on continue and add your product name, description, and URL.
  • Once everything is done, Publish!

You get paid on every product sale, and as mentioned, you get $9.04. What you get also depends on your product's cost but make sure to identify your target audience and set the price accordingly.

Create and Sell your Digital Products! (46)

Teespring has more than 2.9 million plus monthly visitors. 

Other Websites to Create and Sell Digital Products:

  • Redbubble (47)
  • Merch by Amazon (48)
  • Threadless (49)

Note: To know more about other ways and platforms to create and sell digital products, we have an article already ready for you! Read Here.

11. Become a social media consultant

Becoming a certified social media consultant takes work. Not demotivating you but read further to understand why. The demand for them is rising with growing social media techniques. To meet these rising demands, brands are seeking social media consultants.

It is a big responsibility! You act as the brand's voice representing its products and values on social media. It sure is a lengthy way. But we have all the material to help you become a social media consultant.

  • Education

A Bachelor's Degree in Communications or Marketing will take around 3-4 years. Instead, opt for online courses to help you get the required skills in a few weeks!

To apply for a social media consultant course, click here! (50).

  • Experience

Get an entry-level job. Start with an internship on Intershala (51). Continue with the same or look for an entry-level job on LinkedIn (52).

  • Portfolio

Create a portfolio with your work and designs for brands you worked for. This will help brands identify and notice your work. Your portfolio also acts as your presentation. Make sure everything is correct.

  • Social Media Page

Create a Social media Page and upload your designs and work. Start creating content about the niche for creating the page. Ensure your target is for offering social media consultancy and create content accordingly.

Once you have a decent page and sufficient following, brands will approach you. It can be through your LinkedIn or other social media pages. You can also create your website to offer independent services.

The major skills that brands require from a social media consultant are

  1. Project Management
  2. Creative Thinking
  3. Search Engine Optimization & Conversion Rate Optimization
  4. Communication
  5. Data Analysis

You don't need a team to offer any service. You can also host and create a website for yourself.

  • Launch Webflow, and select "start building" on its landing page.
  • Sign Up and create your website.
  • Upload your previous work and start approaching brands.

Having your website is an add-on to your portfolio. This will help you achieve more clients and brands. Also, make sure you don't overdo your content. Upload what you think is your best work.

A social media consultant's average salary is approximately two lakhs to 5.5 lakhs (52).

Other courses to become a social media consultant:

  • Udemy (53)
  • Coursera (54)

Other websites to find an entry-level social media consultant job:

  • Indeed (55)
  • Flexjobs (56)
With more than 400 employees, Webflow's annual capital is $335 million.

Other websites to help you become a social media consultant:

  • WP Engine (57)
  • Pagecloud (58)
  • StoreBuilder (59)

Note: To understand more about how social media consultant operates and the platforms you can use to grow your reach, we have an article ready for you! Read Here.

12. Become a webinar host

Webinars are live events. It can be workshops, lectures, or ted talks. Webinars are effective and the most convenient way to interact with the audience or community. You can have users from worldwide join your webinar at less cost.

Isn't this sound way better already than a traditional seminar? We have found the right source for you to host webinars.

  • Launch the official WebinarJam website.
  • Click on "get started" and select a plan.
  • Complete the payment and get a free 14-day trial at $1.
  • Once you log in, go to "my webinar."
  • Fill in all the details addressing your webinar. Upload a relevant thumbnail.
  • You also can host webinars on Webinarjam and simultaneously on YouTube.
  • Complete configuration, registration, and other steps. On the last process, "finish," click on "go to the dashboard."
  • This is how your webinar is uploaded. Click on "Your Link" then "registration link."
  • Advertise your webinar with the link. You can also share it on social media pages.

Make sure your content is engaging and has a hook. Use the right tools and materials and help you make a source of passive income.

Host your Webinar! (57)

WebinarJam has more than 11.4 million monthly visitors! (0)

Other Websites to become a Webinar Host:

  • On24 (58)
  • Airmeet (59)
  • BigMarker (60)

Note: To know more about other platforms to host webinars and how you can successfully hook your audience, we have an article ready for you! Read Here.

13. Design and sell printables

Printables are handy solutions for everyone. Corporate enterprises, households, startups, freelancers, everyone can use printables. Still not sure what printables are?

These are printed planners, journals, calendars, spreadsheets, etc. You can easily design a template and add it to your product. You can design your product using canva, stock, or illustrator.

Make sure your designs are unique, and do not get yourself into copyright. To avoid doing that, you can also hire a part-time graphic designer. You can learn skills yourself by testing the app itself.

Once your Design is complete, now comes the question, how to sell printables? You can easily sell your printables on Etsy.

  • Launch etsy.com/sell and click on "get started."
  • Start your shop, and fill in all the details.
  • You need at least one listing for opening your shop. Add the photo and list the product details.
  • Select the Category in "Printables."
  • Add a description and keywords tags to obtain an organic reach.
  • Add the inventory and pricing of the product.
  • Add delivery details and ensure you have listed all accurate information.
  • Set up the billing and learn how to get paid for the product sale.
  • Once done, your store will be open, and your product will go live.

You can advertise and also share your product on other platforms. Ensure you have the given inventory and do not run out of products. Also, list everything properly if you have selected renewal of inventory.

Design and Sell your Printables! (61)

Etsy has helped more than 45% of sellers worldwide to sell their products. (0)

Other Websites to Design and Sell your Printables:

  • Amazon (62)
  • Gumroad (63)
  • Creative Fabrica (64)

Note: To know more about how you can design and sell your printables, we have a creative article all set for you! Read Here.

14. Create and sell WordPress plugins or themes

Did You Know? 43% of the websites on the internet use WordPress! (65). It can be to host a website, create a store, or use its plugins and themes to enhance its eCommerce and services.

Creating and selling plugins or themes is one of the effective ways to make money online. Before you create a theme or plugin, have a focused niche. It will help you target a particular audience and not let you strangle in the middle.

Use responsive designing principles which will help you create an effective and catchy theme. Attractive designs, fonts, styles, etc., are important for creating an effective theme. Code your plugin and add appropriate templates.

Ensure to have a user-friendly theme with a simple but attractive interface. Please don't complicate things to make it advance. Then submit it to WordPress and complete the theme documentation.

Now, how to sell your WordPress themes and designs?

  • Launch CodeCanyon, and on the top bar, click on "start selling."
  • Follow the process and sign up with your credentials.
  • Once you land on the homepage, click on your profile and select "upload."
  • In the category, select "WordPress."
  • Once done, fill in all the details and upload the doc accurately.
  • Once reviews all the details and upload!
  • Then, your WordPress Plugin or Theme will be reviewed. Once done, you will receive an email, and it will be available for sale.

Create and Sell your WordPress Plugins or Themes! (66)

Other Websites to Create and Sell Your WordPress Plugins or Themes:

  • TemplateMonster (67)
  • WooCommerce (68)
  • Codester (69)

Note: There are several other ways to sell WordPress Plugins and Themes. We already have an article running for you! Read Here.

15. Offer web hosting services

A website is now a basic necessity for a company or startup. Even individuals are hosting websites for enhancing portfolios. This also indicates how important and in-demand web hosting services are on.

Instead of having a broad range of web hosts, focus on niche ones. Target an audience and add specifics.

  • Create your branding according to your target audience.

This will help you market to a focused channel. As there are pre-established web hosting giants, we would recommend you stay targeted.

  • Look for a server partner and avoid budget-friendly ones. Ensure the quality check, and you don't use the wrong data center.

If you wish your product to be sold and for you to get clients, use a trusted and quality source. Staying targeted will also make it easy to connect as you are not posing direct competition to them. But you are selling a dedicated section of them.

Connect with a Web Hosting Provider! (69)

  • Set up your website and ensure it is professional and user-friendly.

It resembles how you represent the client. When you approach a client, you first offer your website. "Visit our website to know more about us."

  • Approach Clients.

You can now start selling your product. First, you can approach your local network. Next, you can run ads and services to expand your reach. This will also help you grow your web hosting services with clients all over the globe.

  • Credibility.

This is an important factor. Make sure you offer rightful terms & conditions with appropriate solutions. Create a dedicated policy with financial terms and values. Keep your customers and clients your top priority if you want success.

Other websites offering web hosting services:

  • Godaddy (70)
  • BlueHost (71)
  • GreenGeeks (72)

Note: To know more about web hosting services and how you can become a new or a reseller, we have an article for you! Read Here.

16. Sell stock photos

Are you a photographer, illustrator, or graphic designer? Shutterstock allows you to sell photos online, giving you a full-time source of income. You can also upload photos to earn passive income!

  • Launch Shutterstock and click on "Create."
  • But before that, scroll down to the footer and click "sell your content."
  • Click on "get started" and sign up with your credentials.
  • After signing up, verify your account and fill in the required details.
  • You can start directly by uploading a photo or video. If not, then browse the dashboard.
  • After selecting a file, add all the details about the content and then Upload!
  • Shutterstock will then review your image. If approved, then it will be published on its site.

You can easily make money online through Shutterstock if your photo has higher value and demand. Make sure before you edit or click the content has a purpose and value. Look high demanding keywords and tags and create content accordingly.

Sell your Stock Photos! (73)

Other Websites to Sell your Stock Photos:

  • Fotomoto (74)
  • Adobe Stock (75)
  • Alamy (76)

Note: If you wish to know more about how you can sell your stock photos, we have an article ready for you! Read Here.

17. Become a YouTuber

Becoming a YouTuber is trending among teenagers and young adults. It may sound easy, but it sure is very hard. You might not get good views if you don't have a specified and trending niche. Views are what help you to make money online on YouTube.

Along a specified niche, the quality of your content plays an important part here. Follow a simple format of 5 W's and 1 H to become a YouTuber!

What will be your content niche?

  • Select a genre you wish to start your YouTube channel.
  • If you wish to become a gamer, select your game of expertise.

For example, If you wish to upload videos on the trending game "BGMI."

Why will users watch your content?

  • What most of the audience likes is perfection.
  • Start with tutorials of Gameplay. Showcase your audience skills and tricks which they can learn from you.
  • This will help you create a base. Starting with tutorials helps your audience to identify your expertise.
  • Most game newbies surf YouTube for "How to" videos.

For example: How to kill on BGMI? Or How to Win easily in BGMI? (just an example)

  • You create a credible base and audience when you answer such gamers' questions.

When shall you upload your content?

  • Now that your previous videos contain content of your expertise. You can start slowly adding your Gameplay (the best ones).
  • Teach your audience how you can easily survive or other tricks in BGMI.
  • Keep track of events and updates. That is when there increases demand for your videos.
  • If an update is out, be the first to cover it (not first, but at least early).
  • Keep your tutorial videos short and cut them into different segments.
  • Upload each segment regularly, which will keep your channel engaging.

Now it's time to stream!

Where can you stream videos?

(Note: Streaming on YouTube is achievable when you cross 1000 subscribers. Make sure your content and videos are quality which will help you achieve such numbers.

  • Do not stream videos on other platforms and upload them on youtube.
  • Also, don't upload hours of your Gameplay with friends without any niche.
  • Once you have a sufficient audience, subscribers, and viewers, Start Streaming!
  • Only stream when you feel there is a need for a "How to" video.
  • Stream on YouTube and allow your audience to learn from you "LIVE."
  • Follow the same process, 1. How to videos, 2. Mini Gameplays, and then 3. Stream your entire Gameplay.

(Note: We will recommend you stream your entire Gameplay only when you hit 10K+ subscribers)

  • Do not lose credibility and let your audience lose the internet in your videos.

(Tip: Upload short funny videos of the game if you find no content to upload. But keep it regular!)

Who will watch your entire Gameplay?

  • Only those who learned skills and tricks from you are your consistent viewers.
  • Keep your videos simple and easy to understand and also for them to comprehend.
  • Viewers like fancy things, but don't lose quality for making your video fancy.
  • Having 10k+ subscribers is itself a big achievement. But make sure to maintain the same consistency and not rush.

How will you maintain consistency?

  • Exploring and learning other games and adding their "how to" videos.
  • Don't stick to a single game. Learn and upload, don't rush.
  • Maintain a stock of tutorial videos. Sixty seconds of video per day (shorts) is also sufficient for keeping your audience engaged.
  • Having a stock also helps you focus and learn other games.
  • This will keep you updated and create a huge community base in the gaming industry.

On average, you get $18 per 1000 views (depending on the genre and demand).

How to upload videos to make money on YouTube?

  • Launch YouTube and sign up with your email credentials.
  • On the top bar, you can see "Camera Icon" click on it.
  • You will get landed on the Studio page again. Click the camera Icon and click "upload."
  • Upload your video and Start earning on YouTube!

Make sure your content is also relevant to get views. No views, no money!

How YouTube pays you?

  • Launch YouTube and open "Studio."
  • Scroll down on the dashboard and open "monetization."
  • Here, you can identify your eligibility. Once you are eligible, you will receive an email that you have "passed."
  • Three steps to monetize your content.
  • You can follow the process on the "monetize" page, and once done, YouTube will review your profile. Once approved, you will start getting "paid."

This is how YouTube pays you:

  • Adsense is vital here. Also, running ads will increase your reach (also views).

Now that you know everything, why wait? Become a YouTube! (77)

Note: To know more about how you can advance your skills to become a pro-YouTuber, we have an article for you! Read Here.

18. Offer email marketing services

The traditional way to offer email marketing services is by building an audience via social media or blogging. Make subscribers to your newsletter. You need at least a thousand subscribers to start making money with email marketing services.

Follow us, and we will tell you an easy way!

  • Launch MaxBounty and click on "affiliates."
  • Click on "become an affiliate."
  • Follow all the steps and fill in all the details.
  • Make sure you add the right experience and read through everything.
  • Once done, it will showcase the next steps.
  • Once approved, visit the homepage. Click on "Browse."
  • You can check all the campaigns. But if you wish to target an audience, click on "search" and apply filters.
  • We recommend you opt (for SOI) campaigns, but others are also fine!
  • Click on the campaign to which you wish to sell your email marketing services.
  • Make sure to check the allowed traffic types. Not following it will result in a ban.
  • You also get auto templates to copy/paste for email marketing.
  • Once all information is filled in, click the "copy tracking link."
  • Ensure you follow the instructions to avoid getting banned.
  • Next, install "Sendy" on your website.
  • Now you can easily send emails to your subscribers. It can be thousands or more than that.
  • Ensure that your subscribers are active and genuine for you to get affiliate earnings, PPC, and also through your newsletter.

Create Your Website! (78)

Sign Up with MaxBounty! (79)

Install Sendy on your Website! (80)

You can easily earn from $5 to $500 per email promotion using Maxbounty!

Note: To know about how in different ways, self, business, or freelance email marketing services, we have an article ready for you! Read Here.

19. Create and sell ebooks

Creating ebooks is an effective way to make money online. It is also an effective source to earn passive income. What matters here is your content quality. eBooks are no different than books. It's just that these are digital.

Which means your content has to connect with the reader. Your niche should be specific and understandable. You must not write beautifully but forget the niche. Your writing does not matter, but your story does.

You lose a reader if you start a good story, trash it in the middle, and give a beautiful ending. It is okay to keep it short but keep the sequence divided equally. Divide your books into scenes and chapters and write accordingly.

First, create a format, divide your story and follow the sequence. Engage your reader in every story and scene. Don't worry about ending a chapter with suspense. Keep the flow. That's what matters.

You can create an eBook on Google Docs or Microsoft Word. You can use several fonts adjusting to your genre. You can also add images and animation. But what's important is to keep it simple and easy to understand.

Now comes where you can sell your creative concept of the ebook. Amazon KDP comes in handy here! Follow us, and we will tell you how to sell ebooks on Amazon KDP!

  • Launch Amazon Kindle Direct Publication and Sign up with your credentials.
  • Read the agreement and other documents. Once done, click on create.
  • Select what type of book or creative copy you wish to publish.
  • Fill in all the details about the creative copy. Add your Google doc file or Word file where you wrote the book. Upload it.
  • Add your cover photo and other credentials. Select the pricing.
  • Check the preview. Once done, Publish!

Your published eBook will then be available on Amazon Kindle to read and purchase. You can market it with Google Adsense. Also, you can sell hard copies on Amazon.

Create and Sell your eBook! (81)

Other websites to Create and Sell eBooks:

  • Google Play (82)
  • PublishDrive (83)
  • Apple Books (84)

Note: To know more about how to create and sell ebooks, we have an article ready for you! Read Here.

20. Create and sell mobile apps

If only there were an app to do so! No more if only, now create your app. Also, help others with what you think our society needs. You can easily create an application on Android Studio. Here's how you can do it:

  • Launch Android Studio and install it on windows.
  • Select "start a new project" and select your template.
  • Configure the project, select the language (Java), and add all the details. Once done, click "finish."
  • Code your application! Once done, test your application.
  • To Publish your application, click "build."
  • Change the variant and make it "release."
  • Again, on "build," select an android app bundle or apk file.
  • Follow all the steps and then click "finish."

How to publish and sell your app on Playstore:

  • Launch Google Play Console, Sign up with credentials.
  • Select "create an application" and add a name to your app.
  • Onto the dashboard, select app release, and upload your file.
  • Configure all the details, save, review and publish.

Create your App! (85)

Sell your App! (86)

Other Websites to Create and Sell Mobile Apps:

  • App Business Brokers (87)
  • Appery.io (88)
  • The AppBuilder (89)

Note: To read more about how you can create and sell mobile apps, there's a detailed article ready for you! Read Here.

21. Become a copywriter

Copywriting is not easy. You have to be precise in little words, but the impact is huge. You can learn the skills by reading several books. It doesn't mean that reading books gives you skills. It means understanding how and why a writer wrote in that way.

This will help you understand a brand and also convey its message in a meaningful way. To help you become a copywriter, you refer to these books:

  • Eugene Schwartz's Breakthrough Advertising (90)
  • Chip Heath's Made to Stick (91)
  • Robert Cialdini's Influence (92)

Now that you've read the book, you must have figured out your specialty. It can be anything branding, emails, advertising, etc. Start writing copies for yourself. Select brands you wish to write for.

You can write about indiatech.com or may for Google! If you think it is effective, you can post it on your website or social media page and pitch it to indiatech.com or Google. Of course, chances are rare to get noticed if you are new, but it sure is worth a try.

Once you figure out your interest now, it's time for you to make money online as an official copywriter.

  • Launch Contena and click "apply to join."
  • Select how many hours you can work in a week. Also, fill in the required details and sign up with your credentials.
  • Once done, you can start your professional work and earn online (remotely).

Become a Copywriter! (93)

Other Websites to Become a Copywriter:

  • Pepper content (94)
  • Pro Blogger (95)
  • Solid Gigs (96)

Note: To know more about how you can become a copywriter and create more impactful designs, we have an article for you! Read Here.

22. Offer SEO services

There are several ways to offer SEO services. Also, there are many platforms where you can find SEO jobs. Most of them advise starting your website. But we tell you there's a way you could start offering SEO services and also own your autonomy.

We have found bark.com to help you offer SEO services from home anywhere in the world.

  • Launch Bark.com and click "join as professional."
  • Select the service you wish to offer.
  • Answer some basic questions. Fill in all your details and qualifications.
  • Once done, click "see leads." Look for projects you wish to work on and apply.
  • Note that you will also get reviews from buyers of your work.

Offer SEO Services! (97)

The average age group of visitors is between 25-34 years olds, with a 45.29% of traffic increase from the previous month.

Other Websites to Offer SEO Services:

  • Fiver (98)
  • Bluehost (99)
  • Upwork (100)

Note: To know more about offering SEO services and other platforms, we have an article ready for you! Read Here.

23. Create and sell online courses

There are multiple websites where you can create and sell online courses. But we have found the most effective and convenient one for you!

Here's how you can create and Sell online courses with LearnWorlds:

  • Launch LearnWorld's official website and Sign up with your credentials.
  • It allows you to create an internal website. It means a landing page that you can customize like an official website.
  • To do so, you can click on site builder. Once you build your landing page, it's time to create courses.
  • Click on the content or create a course. Add your video or create one. You can also edit your video on LearnWorlds.
  • Next, follow the other sets of information. Accessibility of your course, pricing, marketing, and once done, Publish!

LearnWorld creates a presenting platform for you to sell your course. You can also integrate your websites and Shopify stores to market your courses.

Create and Sell Online Courses! (101)

LearnWorlds is the 8th most popular Edtech website on the internet! (0)

Other Websites to Create and Sell Online Courses:

  • SkillShare (102)
  • Pathwright (103)
  • Simplero (104)

Note: There are several ways to create and sell online courses. We have an article ready for you to know more about it! Read Here.

24. Offer online bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping services have always been in demand. As the industry is advancing, most are hiring online services. Having remote workers handle accounts and finance is now becoming a trend. To help you follow the trend, we have found a platform for you.

Fiver allows you to create a business profile. You can sell your services and apply the same.

  • Launch Fiver and on the top bar, click "become a seller."
  • Sign up with your credentials and complete verification. Activate your account. Now select "become a seller."
  • Mention all your details. Don't forget to add your service info. Verify your credentials. Now create a "Title" for your service.
  • Describe your service and upload payment information. Create an effective landing page to attract clients.
  • Upload all the information and also how clients can connect with you.
  • Once done, Publish your service and approach clients!

You can preview your landing page to review. You can also advertise with Google Adsense. Instead of waiting for clients, start approaching clients with your Fiver profile.

Fiver allows you to create an attractive profile with its in-build templates. This also makes it easy for you to obtain bookkeeping clients. You can also advertise yourself on social media pages.

Offer Online Bookkeeping Services! (105)

Fiver has more than 3.2 million active service buyers worldwide. (0)

Other Websites to offer Bookkeeping Services:

Note: To know more about other ways to offer online Bookkeeping services, we have an article ready for you! Read Here.

25. Sell handmade items online

Handmade items have always proven to have a higher chance of getting picked over others. We know that it involves hard work and talent to create such artwork. So, we have found the top platform for you to sell handmade items online.

Amazon Karigar allows you to sell your handmade items online with a few requirements:

  1. Accurate inventory Listing
  2. Right Materials & Item's handmade proof
  3. Identifying your target audience for advertising
  4. Payment documentation
  5. Support platforms

Here is how you can start selling handmade items on Amazon Karigar!

  • Launch Amazon Karigar. Click "Start Selling" and sign up with your credentials.
  • Register your company name and read the terms & conditions.
  • Approve it and click continue.
  • Now fill in all the details about your product. Prove how it is purely handmade if you have employees or do it alone. Add your product's images and create a listing it is not already on Amazon.
  • Also, write the correct details if you sell your product on other platforms.
  • Once done, submit your application.
  • Amazon takes 4-5 days to review your profile and approve it if the product fits its criteria.
  • Once approved, Start Selling!

Sell Handmade Items Online! (109)

Other websites to Sell handmade Items Online:

Note: To know more about other websites and how to sell handmade items online, we have a handcrafted article ready for you! Read Here.

26. Offer online transcription services

You can offer transcription services in several ways. You can start a business with Shopify (113). You can start freelancing your services, etc. We have found a platform to help you offer transcription services solo.

Scribie will help you get clients and offer transcription services online to help you earn from home!

  • Launch Scribie and click "Get Started."
  • Fill in the details and sign up with your credentials.
  • You can also check for practice tests at the bottom of the home page.
  • Once signed up, verify with your Gmail account. Now fill in all the details and read the guidelines and FAQs.
  • Now you have to submit a test. The test will have five stages. Once you submit your test, it will be under review. Once approved, you will start getting transcription offers. You can decide which, when and how you wish to complete tasks.

Offer Transcription Services! (114)

Other Websites to Offer Transcription Services:

  • Go Transcript (115)
  • Daily Transcription (116)
  • eScribers (117)

Note: To know more ways you can offer transcription services, we have an article transcripted for you! Read Here.

27. Become an online travel agent

To become a travel agent, you need two online skills:

  1. Communication
  2. Sales

You can easily become a travel agent online with multiple offers on Upwork. Here's how you can become a travel agent with Upwork!

  • Launch Upwork and sign up with your credentials.
  • Create your profile and add your skills.

For example:

  • Once done, now click find work. Look for a suitable job meeting your expectation.
  • Submit your application. Once the application is approved, they will contact you.
  • Submit the work and get paid.

To become an online travel agent, you also need accurate geographical knowledge. This will help you get easy jobs. If you are a fresher, go slow with fewer fees. Gain experience and raise your fees.

Become an Online Travel Agent! (118)

Other Websites to Become an Online Travel Agent:

  • Indeed (119)
  • Egencia Suite (120)
  • Linkedin (121)

Note: To know more about how to become an online travel agent, we have an article ready for you! Read Here.

28. Become an Amazon FBA Seller

Fulfillment by Amazon is an initiative utilized by more than half of amazon sellers. It helps you earn money easily online. All you need is the right equipment, inventory, product, and target audience.

Once you have the right product, you can become an Amazon FBA Seller!

  • Launch Fulfillment by Amazon, and if you are already a seller, click "Get Started." If you are starting a new one, click "Sign Up."
  • Register with your credentials and fill in the required information.
  • Select your FBA registration center. Choose your FC and fill in the other required business details, Payments, register FCS, and documents.
  • Once done, click submit or "continue." Amazon will review your application and approve/reject you as a seller.

GST registration code with a state government body requires a week after applying. Make sure you go through all the required documents and have a certified business profile to be approved by Amazon.

Become an Amazon FBA Seller! (122)

Note: To know more about how to become an Amazon FBA Seller and manage products, we have an article ready for you! Read Here.

29. Become a dropshipper

Dropshipping is trending. Why? Mainly as you don't have to invest in product engineering! Yes, all you have to do is integrate a product from a manufacturer and sell it in retail for a higher price in your store. Price may vary according to the requirement.

We have a platform ready for you! Most of the users are investing their time in dropshipping on Spocket. Suppose you import a list of earrings on a Spocket of INR 20. You can sell it online on Amazon or AliXpress for INR 50 or 80! Isn't that profit?

Here's how you can become a dropshipper on Spocket!

  • Launch the official Spocket page and click "Get Started."
  • Sign up with your credentials, and answer a few questions.
  • Once done, connect the online store you wish to sell these products.
  • It can be Shopify, Alixpress, etc.
  • Search for products and add them to your import list.
  • Select the pricing and your profit margin. Now click "push to store."
  • That's it! The product is now available at your store.

Once your store is connected with Spocket, it integrates everything with your store. If the price change occurs on Spocket, it does the same on your store. If a customer buys a product from your store, you get the commission from Spocket. Then sprocket receives the customer's address and delivers the product to the same.

Become a Dropshipper! (123)

Other Websites to Become a Dropshipper:

Note: To know more about dropshipping and how to become a dropshipper, we have an article ready for you! Read Here.

30. Become an Instagram Influencer.

Instagram is now the most effective sales and marketing tool. Most brands prefer Instagram Influencers to promote their brand or product. Why?

  1. Sufficient list of targetted followers
  2. Direct influence on the audience
  3. Loyal followers.

Followers are the most crucial factor in becoming an Instagram influencer. You at least require more than 10k+ followers to start becoming an influencer. Most Instagram influencers have more than 100k to millions of followers! How?

It is a process that takes time to gain a loyal community of followers. The existing influencers have worked from scratch to gain this many followers. Follow these quick steps to become an Instagram Influencer.

  • Launch Instagram and Sign up with your credentials.

Those already existing on Instagram can skip these two steps!

  • Don't complicate your username. Please keep it simple!
  • Now, Build content.

For that, you need to pick a niche that will help you target an audience. Having a broad content view won't help you capture an audience. Be it tech, entertainment, gaming, etc. Instagram has millions of communities waiting for you. Select a niche you feel comfortable with.

  • Learn photo and video editing. Learn angles and understand viewership.
  • The hack to gain followers is publishing daily and engaging with your community.

It does not mean uploading anything. Try to upload relevant and entertaining content to connect with your followers. This will also help you create a memory within them.

  • Once you have a sufficient following, switch to a professional account.
  • Build a niche-oriented portfolio. Marketing your service will attract clients.
  • Approach clients with similar interests. That's it!

Your content is crucial, and how you can stand out here. There are several influencers out there—those who have already established a brand name for themselves. Create content unique to stand out but also entertaining.

Once you start getting clients, your content should have an approach, message, meaning, and selling point. Think of ideas where you can integrate a product without even doing direct advertising. This will maintain credibility among your followers. This will also allow brands to notice your content.

Become an Instagram Influencer! (127)

Note: To know more about how to become a successful Instagram Influencer, we have an article ready for you! Read Here.

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